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places to see in granada
The new visitor to the city will ask: "What should I see in Granada? What is there to do in Granada?"

alhambra palaces
If you want to enjoy a special visit these guided tours offer unique opportunity to discover Granada.

Alhambra + Albaicín + Sacromonte Tour: a combination of the complete tour of the Alhambra (Palaces, Alcazaba, Generalife) + the Albaicín + the Sacromonte.

Albaicin and Sacromonte Guided Tour: discover this old arab quarter of Granada with this guided tour.

We have collected information on the most important monuments and places in Granada, and also some useful tips for your stay.

1. Alhambra and Generalife

the alhambra of granada The Alhambra represents the zenith of Arab art, one of the most visited monuments in the world, and certainly the most visited in Spain.

2. Cartuja Monastery

cartuja monstery in granada A Carthusian monastery founded on an ancient Arab carmen that contains a beautiful cloister and a beautiful seventeenth-century Baroque church.

3. Granada Cathedral

cathedral of granada Displays impressive façades and a stunning interior, with a great altarpiece. In the burial chamber are the tombs of the Catholic Kings.

4. Plaza Nueva & Carr. Darro

stone bridge in carrera del darro The oldest square in Granada. Around the square rise ornate buildings of importance. Nearby is lively Elvira Street famous for its tapas bars.

5. Albaycin

albaicin in granada The ancient Arab and Moorish quarter of Granada is a picturesque maze of streets, Arab minarets, whitewashed houses and renaissance palaces.

6. Sacromonte

sacromonte in Granada The Sacromonte caves have been home to gypsies, bohemians and Flemish artists alike for centuries. It is a must to see a flamenco show.

7. Arab Baths Bañuelo

arab baths bañuelo Impressive Arab baths from the eleventh century. They show the level of refinement the Spanish Arabs attained one thousand years ago.

8. Corral del Carbon

corral del carbon in granada Corral del Carbon is an ancient Arab inn from the fourteenth century which has been beautifully restored, one of the great monuments of Granada.

9. Flamenco Shows

flamenco shows in granada Daily flamenco shows, some geared towards tourists in decorated caves, whereas other shows take place in authentic simply decorated premises.

10. Tapas Bars

tapas bars in granada A beer, wine, or even a fizzy drink is accompanied by a tapa. Granada is probably the only city in Spain where free tapas are still served.

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Opinions about What to See in Granada
Arab rather then Islamic or muslims
Why is everything described as Arab rather then Islamic or muslims? There weren't only Arabs living in the region at the time, there were a considerable amount of Amazighs or Berber (as some people call them) who lived in the region who had contributed to much of the art and culture as well as the Arabs.
I would suggest amazighs as Berber is very easiest term and insulting. I'm Arab and I don't use this term and try to discourage everyone from using it. They are amazighs tribes and lived and conquered Iberian peninsula along with arabs.
In love with Granada and its beauty spots
I am visiting Granada in May but I am already in love with Granada and its beauty spots. I am so excited that I could not hold myself in writing. I willbe visiting from seville. love the alhambra, catedral and albaicin (Anita).

granada opinion
Guided Tours

alhambra albaicin guided tour
Where and how to buy tickets for the Alhambra and where to collect them, what to do if tickets are sold out.
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