The Generalife of Granada - History, Prices, Opening Hours of the Gardens

fountains of the generalife gardens
What is the Generalife? The Generalife are the only example of Arab art which gives us an approximate idea of how these gardens used to be, where the Arab spirit, in all its sensually instinctive and improvised construction, was finally carried away.

fountains in the generalife gardens in the alhambra
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History of Generalife

three arches with views in the generalife The name 'Generalife' means 'garden of the architect'. The Generalife is located on the hill Cerro del Sol, adjacent to the Alhambra.

Originally it was most probably an architect's house that later passed to the royal family and was remodelled.

The Generalife is composed of a series of large gardens, where every corner holds a novelty and a pleasant surprise for the eyes, with a minimum of obtrusive buildings.

green bushes made of cipres and lilias en the lake Some buildings within the Generalife are 'parasitic' structures, the work of later Christian hands, such as the West Gallery in the eastern part of the gardens, and two levels that rise at the northern headwall.

The Patio is the true heart of the Generalife. Here, Arab sensuality becomes sparse yet spiritual.

The most beautiful and striking features in the Generalife gardens are the plants, the water with its continuous interplay with light, and its sounds.

Generalife Entrance Prices

patio just next to the exit from the generalife ▸ General admission (Alhambra and Generalife): 14,00 euros.

▸ Generalife (Alcazaba and gardens): 7,00 euros.

▸ Generalife at night: 8 euros.

▸ Children under 12 years old and disabled: free.

There is a fee of 0,42 - 0,85 euros per ticket, if you are buying on the Internet.

Where to Buy Tickets to the Generalife and Opening Hours

Find information on purchasing entrances to the Generalife in Alhambra Tickets

green gardens of generalife in alhambra of granada
A good way to get to know the Alhambra, its histor, palaces and gardens is by taking a tour. There are several interesting free and private tours offered by Civitatis:
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There are nighttime and daytime visits, to see more information about these visits see Alhambra opening hours page.

When the tickets to the Alhambra are sold out, there are other options to get a ticket. See all information in what to do when the tickets are sold out?
If you you'd like to discover the incredible history, architecture and legends of the Alhambra and the Generalife you can choose a Alhambra Guided Tour. This tour incudes all the Palaces, Alcazaba and Generalife.

map of the location of the generalife en grandaa

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Opinions about Generalife Gardens
Wonderful time visiting the Generalife
The Generalife gardens are out of this world, magic place, a beautiful mix of small pools, fountains, plants and beautiful flowers. It’s better to arrive early morning when its more peaceful, less people around.

granada opinion
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Where and how to buy tickets for the Alhambra and where to collect them, what to do if tickets are sold out.
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