Tapas Bars - The Best Places and Areas for Tapas in Granada

tapas bars in granada
A beer or a wine in Granada is normally accompanied by a small plate of food, a small sandwich, appetizer, etc. This is called "tapiya" or "tapa" and is on the house.

a couple trying a tapas and beer in a bar in Granada
If you want to enjoy a special visit these guided tours offer unique opportunity to discover Granada.

Alhambra + Albaicín + Sacromonte Tour: a combination of the complete tour of the Alhambra (Palaces, Alcazaba, Generalife) + the Albaicín + the Sacromonte.

Albaicin and Sacromonte Guided Tour: discover this old arab quarter of Granada with this guided tour.

Going out for tapas in Granada is moving from bar to bar having only one or two drinks with free tapa in each place.

location map of the tapas bars of granada

There is no better way to discover the gastronomy of the region in one evening trying different traditional dishes in each place.

Every tavern, inn, cellar or bar of Granada has something interesting to offer and to tell you.

The Most Typical Tapas in Granada

tapas bars near the cathedral of granada Some of the most typical tapas in Granada are: the requeté (melva salad with red pepper), the pipirrana (salad of cucumber, tomato, peppers and onion), the remojón (cod, orange and olives), the stuffed salaílla (a bread with olive oil and salt on top), la bomba (baked potato stuffed with spicy minced meat).

In some bars of Granada you can select the tapa from the menu in others they will bring you a tapa of their choosing.

tapas bars on the campo del principe of realejo

The Best Tapas Bar Areas

Every bar in Granada has its own tasty specialty: omelettes, grilled meat, backed potatos, pinchitos, etc.

Some of the best tapas areas are: Plaza de Toros, Elvíra and Navas streets, Albayzín, Carrera del Darro, Paseo de los Tristes, Realejo, Plaza Nueva, etc.

Here is our guide to the best tapas bars in Granada, grouped by area:

Tapas Bars in the Albaicín - The Best Places to Enjoy Delicious Andalusian Food

tapas bars in the albaicin in granada Here we are going to take you through some of the most iconic tapas bars and restaurants of the Albaicín. It is one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of Granada.

The Plaza de San Miguel Bajo is one of the typical squares of the Albaicín with many tapas bars where you can enjoy fried fish, the Alpujarreño loin, the aubergines with honey or the 'patata a lo pobre' in Mesón El Yunque, Bar Ocaña or cafe bar Mirador de La Lona.
If you want to enjoy a special day in the Alhambra, you can reserve a guided tour:

Alhambra Guided Tour: discover the wonders of the Alhambra with this tour that includes everything: the Nasrid Palaces, the Generalife, the Alcazaba, etc.

Albaicin and Sacromonte Guided Tour: discover this old arab quarter of Granada with this guided tour.

El Picoteo - Good Tapas and Great Atmosphere

tapas bar el picoteo in the albaicin El Picoteo is one of the tapas bars that stand out from the crowd in the Albaicin, very good place to enjoy tapas and wine.

It has two locations in the Albaicín, el Picoteo (for tapas) and Casa Torcuato restaurant.

Why Choose the Casa Torcuato?

Great quality food, from homemade traditional recipes to the most modern dishes.

Good selection of delicious tapas and rations such as the blood sausage with caramelized onions, croquettes, fried anchovies or battered strips of aubergine.

price listo of picoteo in the albaicin It's on a quiet street with no traffic. Nice terrace, good atmosphere and good music.

Opening Hours and Contact Details

Opening Hours: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 12:30 to 16:00, Friday and Saturday from 20:00 to 23:30. Monday and Tuesday closed.

Contact Details: Address: El Picoteo Casa Torcuato, Calle Agua del Albayzín 20, 18010 Granada. Telephone: 958 292 380.

The Best Bars and Restaurants in Paseo de los Tristes and Carrera del Darro

On the picturesque banks of river Darro you will find several bars with terraces at the foot of the Alhambra.

tapas bars next to the alhambra in paseo de los tristes The scenic beauty of the illuminated Nasrid monument and pleasant breeze from the river makes it a popular place during summer.

Unfortunately most of the bars and restaurants in this area are typical tourist traps.

You can have a beer on one of the terraces located on Paseo de los Tristes, right below the Alhambra and enjoy the views, but there are better places to eat in this area.

Here we have selected some of the tapas bars located near Paseo de los Tristes and Carrera del Darro which offer very good quality of food and service.

Bar La Hermosa on the Paseo de los Tristes

A unique place with cozy atmosphere. A quiet place with a modern and cozy decoration.

interior and counter of hermosa bar in granada It is located to the left of the restaurant Ruta del Azafran, has a small sign and is easy to pass by.

Why Choose the Bar La Hermosa?

It does not have views of the Alhambra but on the Paseo de los Tristes it's the best option to try some craft beers and quality tapas.

It has a gorgeous funky decoration, its food and beers are certainly different from the mainstream stuff. Here you can discover tasty local beers, like Sacromonte beer, brewed in Granada.

food in hermosa bar To accompany the beer, they offer homemade quality tapas, made with local products.

Bar La Hermosa does not have a kitchen so they serve cold tapas like sausages, cheeses, toasts, patés, etc.

Opening Hours and Contact Details

Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 16:00 and from 20:00 to 00:00, Tuesday from 20:00 to 00:00, Monday: closed.

Contact Details: Bar La Hermosa, Carrera del Darro 51 Local, 18010 Granada. Telephone: 958 049 114.

The Best Places Near Plaza Nueva that Serve the Most Delicious Tapas

tapas bars in plaza nueva Plaza Nueva and its adjacent streets is a lively area with a lot of tapas bars, a perfect place to stop for a beer.

Plaza Nueva is a very nice square in the shadow of the Alhambra, however it has many average, tourist-trap places with few quality tapas bars to choose from.

Here we have selected some of the most emblematic places to go for tapas in this area that offer the best of traditional Andalusian food.
If you want to enjoy a special day in the Alhambra, you can reserve a guided tour:

Alhambra Guided Tour: discover the wonders of the Alhambra with this tour that includes everything: the Nasrid Palaces, the Generalife, the Alcazaba, etc.

Albaicin and Sacromonte Guided Tour: discover this old arab quarter of Granada with this guided tour.

Bar La Trastienda - Best Iberian Sausages

A very original place, totally different from other bars in Granada. Upon entering there is a small shop where they sell a variety of products such as ham, sausages and cheeses.

tables in the interior of bar trastienda If you don't know, you think it's a shop, but behind the counter there is a small dining room with stools and tables where you can have a glass of wine or beer.

Why Choose La Trastienda?

Extensive menu, apart from delicious tapas, there is fantastic selection of platters: meats, cheeses, pates and different sausages.

La Trastienda doesn't have a kitchen so it's mainly cold tapas. It also has a collection of exquisite vermouth.

tapa of sausages and cheese in la transtienda The price is somewhat higher than other bars in this area.

Opening Hours and Contact Details

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 19:30 to 01:00, Saturday from 12:30 to 16:30 and from 19:30 to 01:00. Sunday closed.

Contact Details: Address: Bar La Trastienda, Plaza de Cuchilleros, 11, 18009 Granada. Telephone: 958 226 965.

Tapas Bars by the Plaza de Toros Famous for their Quality and Creativity

tapas bars near the bull ring in granada One of the most interesting tapas areas of Granada is the one located beneath the stalls of the Plaza de Toros (Bull Ring).

Although it is not a usual area for tapas, there are not as many emblematic bars as in other neighborhoods of Granada, there are some very interesting places here.

Among all of them we have selected the most welcoming bars with distinctive decoration and atmosphere where you can stop to have a snack.

La Maestranza Tapas Bar

exterior terrace next to the plaza torros Good place for tapas in the bullring area. The place is spacious inside although the terrace is small.

Why Choose La Maestranza?

The interior decoration mixes bullfighting and football theme. Ideal for football lovers, it has a TV to enjoy a football game with friends.

A beer costs two euros and you can choose your own tapa from more than twenty varieties.

burgers tapa in maestranza bar in granada The sizes of the tapas are very large, similar to the half portion. With two or three rounds you have eaten.

Their specialty is roasted ham, we also recommend a hamburger, a shrimp omelette, chicken skewers and tasty beef meatballs.

Friendly and fast staff. Good atmosphere.

Contact Details

Contact Details: Address: La Maestranza Tapas Bar, 18012, Calle Dr. Víctor Escribano, 2, 18012 Granada. Telephone: 958 097 711.

Where to Enjoy the Best Tapas Near Puerta Real and Navas Street

fountains near puerta real in granada Near Puerta Real you will find many emblematic bars of the city, most with a terrace, where you can try typical cuisine from Granada and enjoy a cold beer.

The Navas street is a pedestrian area whith many traditional bars. It has long been the favorite place of Granadans for tapas.

These are the most popular bars among locals and in our opinion the best option for tapas near Puerta Real and Calle Navas.

Fogón de Galicia - Exquisite Galician Octopus

fogon de galicia exterior tables Located at the beginning of the famous picturesque Calle Navas, a lively informal place full of locals.

Why Choose Fogón de Galicia?

A cozy place, with a great selection of tapas, typical from the region of Galicia, the portions are abundant and of great quality. Good quality/price ratio.

galician style octopus in fogon de galicia Both meat and fish are excellent, the specialty is grilled galician-style octopus and the iberian pork neck.

The waiters are very warm and friendly but at the same time professional.

Opening Hours and Contact Details

Opening Hours: open every day from 12:00 to 16:00 and from 20:00 to 00:00.

Contact Details: Fogón de Galicia, Calle Navas, 4, 18009 Granada. Telephone: 958 992 483.

The Best Tapas Bars in Campo del Príncipe and Realejo

campo del principe, great place for tapas in granada El Realejo is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Granada located between the Alhambra and Plaza Nueva.

The Campo del Principe is the main square in the Realejo, a great place to have a drink in one of its many terraces.

There are plenty of original quality places in Realejo to choose from which offer delicious unique tapas:

cozy style interior in bar of realejo
  • Potemkin with the best sushi in Granada and its garden terrace.
  • Bar Los Diamantes II famous for its magnificent fish.
  • Bar La Botilleria for its croquettes, scrambled eggs with peppers and black pudding lasagna.
  • Cervecería Arrabal with its super cool beer mugs.
  • Bar Candela, good music and great atmosphere, a wide variety of sandwiches and montaditos.
  • Bar El Molino, a small but cozy place, super friendly waiters who make you feel at home.
  • Bar Loop, a very popular bar, with its original tapas combined with great atmosphere and music.

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