Carrera del Darro in Granada – a Place that Seem to Be from Another Time

view of carrera del darro in granada from the alhambra
Carrera del Darro is name is given to the entire left bank of the River Darro, and should not be confused with the Acera del Darro.

river and bridges in carrera del darro
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stone bridge across river darro The name Carrera del Darro comes from Latin - darro means gives gold, carrera means road.

Carrera del Darro is one of the most scenic walks in Granada. To the right of the River Darro, it is crossed by two brick and stone bridges (Cabrera and Espinosa), which link Carrera del Darro with the neighborhood of the Churra.

It runs between the river, the forest of the Alhambra and the Almanzora, which extends up the slope of Gomerez.

stone bridge across river darro The street dates from the seventeenth century. Because of the damage caused in 1509 by the explosion of an ammunition dumo near the Church of St. Peter, part of the wall that ran here was demolished which changed the direction of the river, hence widening the street.

Carrera del Darro in Granada retains many interesting buildings from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and there are remains of Arab houses, buildings of the SS. XVI and XVII and there are the remains of Arab houses.

How to Get to Carrera del Darro

You can get to Carrera del Darro by bus number C31, C32 and C34. The bus stop is 'Paseo de los Tristes' or you can walk from Gran Via.

location of the carrera del darro in granada

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Opinions about Carrera del Darro in Granada
Nice summer nights
Amazing views, specially at night when the churches along the way are illuminated, and the Alhambra on the top of the hill shines beautifully. We were there on a summer night and the experience was very pleasant. The only place in the city where we could dodge the heat. At the restaurant & bar terraces by the river you can feel the cool air of the place.

granada opinion
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Carrera del Darro de Granada
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