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Almost all the charming beaches of Salobreña are unspoiled by built-up areas. Its 6 km of coastline offer beautiful, quiet coves and some larger beaches with very good facilities.

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The chiringuitos (beach bars) on the seafront prepare delicious sardines, octopus and grilled squid.
Explore the natural beauty of the adorable white villages on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Day Bus Trip to the Alpujarras: venture into the mountains and visit the white charming villages.

Horseback Riding Through the Alpujarra: or you can discover the beautiful landscapes on horseback.

Opposite the promenade, on the beach of La Guardia, there is a protected area that has managed to regenerate the seabed and make these waters home again to their traditional marine species.

Salobreña has 5 beaches:

birds view of guardia beach in salobreña
  1. La Guardia Beach - long and wide beach, has all the facilities and services.
  2. La Charca/Salomar Beach - long beach with many services, plenty of places where to eat.
  3. Punta del Río - another long beach with easy access but has no facilities.
  4. Caletón Beach - is a cave with easy access on foot with no facilities.
  5. Cambrón Beach - another cave with no facilities, long 2km walk to reach it.
windsurfing in punta del rio beach in salobreña • La Guardia Beach and Salomar beaches are for people who are looking for a place with all the facilities and places to eat.

Punta del Río beach are for those who want to practise water sports.

• El Caletón Beach is a cove with easy access not far from la Guardia Beach (where you can take a shower and eat).

Cambrón Beach is a rocky cove with difficult access. Its for for people who like snorkeling. No facilities or restaurants.

• There is also very small Pargo Cave with very difficult access.

Below you will find all the information about these Salobreña beaches: attractions, activities, where to eat and were to park, cleanliness, services and facilities available.

Guardia Beach in Salobreña

umbrellas next to the sea on guardia beach Surrounded by agricultural crops and sugar cane fields, with the Rock at one end and apartments on the other, it is over 1 km long and 25 m wide.

The waves here are usually moderate, especially near the Rock, from which young local people perform a very dangerous practice: diving.

This beach is formed of pebbles and dark sand. It usually gets quite crowded.

Where to Eat Near La Guardia Beach

guardia beach from the rock There are several chiringuitos where you can eat, suchas La Bahía and El Peñón, and some other traditional family-run restaurants near the residential areas. There are showers near the Rock and at the other end of the beach.

Where to Park Near La Guardia Beach

There are two parking areas:

viw of salobreña old town and guardia beach If you enter the beach from the National Road N-340 following the sign for La Guardia, look for parking through the streets of the residential areas before reaching the beach.

If you access from the seafront, coming from La Charca, there is a public car park just behind the La Bahía Restaurant.

It is recommended to arrive early to secure a parking space.

La Guardia Beach Services and Facilities

floating water sides in salobreña
  • There are showers near the Rock, neither at the other end.
  • Rental of umbrellas and sunbeds available.
  • Rental of catamarans or small floating beach slides.
  • Food shops selling items for the beach, drinks, etc.
  • Restaurants, tapas bars, 'chiringuitos' and ice cream shops.
  • Free (fills up soon) and paid parking.

La Charca/Salomar Beach in Salobreña

beach charca full of people in summer in salobreña La Charca/Salomar beach begins on the other side of the Rock, and is wider than La Guardia beach, almost 2 km long and about 64 m wide.

It is more comfortable for playing ball sports as it is made up of fine sand, but as you get closer to the shoreline its composition changes to pebbles.

The long promenade reaches the residential areas of Salomar.

The beach is usually quite busy during the summer months and waves tend to be moderate.

wooden boat with grilled sardins in salomar beach

Where to Eat Near Salomar Beach

The bars and restaurants on the promenade are magnets for most tourists, especially in the Peñón area (La Bahía and El Peñón restaurants).

Close to Salomar residential area there are some more traditional family-run restaurants and pizzerias.

empty la cahrca beach in winter in salobreña Directly on the beach, there are several chiringuitos (beach bars) for snacks, cool drinks and also for lunch.

Chiringuito Casa Emilio is a good option. At Pizzeria Olimpia you will find good pizzas for all tastes.

Salomar Beach Services and Facilities

There are some parking spaces along the seafront and in the streets around the residential areas.

entrance to the salomar urbanization in salobrena If you go to the Peñón area, there is a car park behind La Bahía but it is usually full.

  • Rental service for sunbeds and umbrellas.
  • Showers and toilets.
  • Disabled access and Red Cross post.
  • Boat rentals and nautical activities.
  • Restaurants, beach bars and ice cream shops. Food shops and small supermatkets.
Explore the natural beauty of the adorable white villages on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Day Bus Trip to the Alpujarras: venture into the mountains and visit the white charming villages.

Horseback Riding Through the Alpujarra: or you can discover the beautiful landscapes on horseback.

Punta del Río or La Cagadilla Beach in Salobreña

Punta del Río or La Cagadilla beach extends all the way to Motril. It is 1.2 km long, and 30 m wide.

windsurf in beach punta del rio The beach is composed of sand and gravel, like the other beaches of Salobreña.

It is an unspoilt beach which is accessible only on foot but you can park on Avda de Andalucia street, about 500 m away.

It receives few visits as it is in an agricultural area and does not have any facilities like the Guardia and Salomar beaches (such as showers, restaurants, etc.).

This is the beach into which the river Guadalfeo flows and it features wetlands for migratory seabirds. Waves are usually moderate.

boats storage area in punta del rio beach

Punta del Río Beach Services and Facilities

  • This beach has no restaurants, bars or other services.
  • There is no sun lounger or umbrella rental service, noither showers.
  • 18 Knots Surf Club - International Center for Nautical and Cultural Activities.
  • Nautical activities: kitesurfing courses, paddle surfing, kayak rentals and summer camps.

El Caletón Beach in Salobreña

El Caletón beach is a small pebbly cove of 30 m long and 10 m wide.

beach caleton in salobreña It has very calm waters and a nice seabed, so it is a good place for diving and snorkling.

There are usually not many people there so it is quieter. It is located in a semi-urban area, has disabled access, but it has no promenade.

It is accessed by a foot path that starts at La Caleta beach (la Guardia) and goes through the cliffs.

This beach has no places to eat, no services, no hammock rental or showers.

El Cambrón Beach in Salobreña

beach of the cambron El Cambrón beach is located near the urbanized area of Torre del Cambrón.

It is quite difficult to access and this, together with the fact that it does not have any services, makes it an uncrowded beach.

It is a small beach, about 86 m long and 21 m wide.

Accessible only on foot from the urbanization Torre del Cambrón (about 2 kilometers away) through a small foot path.

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