The Most Charming Beaches of Almuñécar - Facilities, Top Restaurants and Attractions

Almuñécar has 19 km of coastline, where 18 beaches are located, many more than any other town on the Costa Tropical. This makes it the main tourist area of the Granada tropical coast.

map of all beaches in almuñecar

Its wonderful beaches offer great variety, meaning the visitor will never get bored and experience something different every day.

Some of the beaches are small coves with calm waters, like those of Cabria or Calaiza, and others, longer beaches of up to 1 km, like San Cristóbal, offer all kinds of tourist services.
Explore the natural beauty of the adorable white villages on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Day Bus Trip to the Alpujarras: venture into the mountains and visit the white charming villages.

Horseback Riding Through the Alpujarra: or you can discover the beautiful landscapes on horseback.

There are also the naturist beaches of Cantarriján and El Muerto. On all of them it is possible to practise varied water and other sports, such as paragliding or hang-gliding.

La Herradura stands out among other things for its wonderful seabed, where you can find important posidonia meadows and interesting marine species.

These are the 7 Main Beaches of Almuñécar

  1. San Cristóbal Beach - a long and wide beach, it has all the necessary services.
  2. Puerta del Mar Beach - is also a long beach, in the heart of the city, with many services and good restaurants.
  3. Playa Velilla - another main beach in Almuñécar, where the water park and all tourist services are located.
  4. Playa El Tesorillo - is a small cove next to Playa Velilla with 2 restaurants and many services.
  5. Playa del Muerto - easily accessible nudist beach, but only on foot, without any kind of services.
  6. Playa Cotobro - small beach with good beach bars, facilities and services.
  7. Playa Calabajío - isolated from the urban center, but with all the facilities, although only one restaurant.

San Cristóbal Beach in Almuñécar

view of the beach sant cristobal from peñon San Cristóbal is a very popular fine dark sand beach with many facilities.

It is just over 1 km long and 50 m wide.

It has been awarded the Blue Flag for its cleanliness.

What to See and Surroundings

At one end of Almuñécar (called La China), which faces Cotobro, the sea encroaches a little, forming a beautiful cove.

At the other extreme, we find an unusual natural feature on the Mediterranean coast: the Peñones de San Cristóbal.

three rocks on the san cristobal beach Three rocky formations, lined up one behind the other, enter the sea ranging from largest to smallest.

The largest, the Peñón del Santo, is 30 m high and separates the beaches of San Cristóbal and Puerta del Mar.

It is a very popular viewpoint on the Granada coast, crowned by a saint on a cross, from which wonderful views are afforded of the sea, the mountain and Almuñécar, views of great charm at any time of day, but especially at sunset.

In this area there is also the LoroSexi Ornithological Park, and not far from here, the Majuelo Botanical-Archaeological Park.

Parking is difficult, as in almost all of Almuñécar.

Facilities and Services

parasols on the beach of sant cristobal
  • It has a long, built up promenade on the seafront.
  • Original swings for children.
  • Disabled access.
  • Surveillance and rescue equipment.
  • Showers and toilets.
  • Sunbeds and umbrellas rental.
  • Plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from.

Beach Puerta del Mar in Almuñecar

very long beach puerta del mar The beach of Puerta del Mar is located in the centre of Almuñécar, with lots of facilities nearby.

Good location, far enough away from the main hotels and noise, and near enough various quality restaurants and bars.

It is 1,140 m long and 50 m wide and consists of gravel and fine dark sand.

It has a beautiful promenade, featuring the Monument to the Phoenicians, and there is public underground parking.

It gets very busy since it is in the centre of the town.

view of puerta del mar beach from san cristobal rock

Facilities and Services

Puerta del Mar has a full range of facilities:

  • Rental of sunbeds and umbrellas.
  • Surveillance and rescue equipment.
  • Disabled access.
  • Bars and beach bars.

Velilla Beach in Almuñecar

Playa Velilla is the longest beach in Almuñécar, almost 1.5 km, very built up and with all kinds of services. It consists of gravel and fine sand.

view of velilla beach The beachfront promenade is a good place for walking. It is nice and well-maintained with many benches along its length.


Here we find the Aquatropic saltwater park. It is a relatively basic park with with around 10 different attractions. Good option for a day out with the family.

Reasonably priced, no long waiting for the slides, many shaded areas to sit and relax.

aquatripic slides and facilities Several food stalls, standard quality. You can also bring your own drinks and food.

Facilities and Services

It has a promenade, hammock and umbrella rental, surveillance and rescue equipment, disabled access, and many beach bars throughout.

There is an underground public car park and some children's play areas with swings.

The beach usually gets very busy.

El Tesorillo Beach in Almuñecar

view of tesorillo beach El Tesorillo beach is a beautiful scenic beach with fine sand surrounded by rocks, 80 m long and 55 m wide.

The word "tesorillo" in Spanish means "small treasure".

It is located between the end of Playa Velilla and Playa del Pozuelo, separated from them by a rocky promontory on top of which there is a watchtower from the 16th century.

It is a comparatively quiet place, also good for snorkelling near the rocks. Not close the hotels and other restaurants.

Facilities and Services

boat with grilled sardines in tesorillo beach in almuñecar It has a promenade, disabled access, sun loungers with sun shades, etc.

There are some excellent restaurants here like Uha or Sol y Mar, with very nice views of the sea and a great variety of seafood.

Uha is located directly on the beach with banana trees growing in the sand.

Restaurant El Tesorillo has a boat with sand where the fire is made to grill fresh sardines.

No kayak rental or water slides.

Playa del Muerto Beach in Almuñecar

vista de la playa del muerto en almunecar 'Playa del Muerto' means the 'beach of the dead'. It has this name because it was the place where all the corpses expelled by the sea ended up.

Easily accessible, but only on foot and through the beach of Cotobro.

It is a dark sandy beach, 400m long and 42m wide, where you may find some nudists.

Surrounded by vegetation, cliffs and calm waters. Average influx of people.

Hiking Routes

Here begins an old path that was used to trade fish from one village to another.

vista del puerto maritimo con la señal de la playa del muerto It is known as the fishermen's route and connects Almuñécar with La Herradura until it reaches the Punta de la Mona lighthouse.

It is a very nice hiking route that offers beautiful views of Almunecar, Marina del Este and Punta de la Mona.

You have to ascend from Playa del Muerto through Peñón del Lobo and follow the signs along the way (two parallel lines, one white and the other yellow).

Facilities and Services

It has no facilities, no bars or restaurants, no showers or toilets, no umbrellas or hammocks rental.

Cotobro Beach in Almuñécar

cotobro beach in almunecar

Dimensions and Type of Sand

This urban beach is one of the most popular in Almuñécar because of its easy access and many services.

Since its small, 390m long and 17m wide, it fills up quickly.

The beach is formed by small pebbles and dark sand, calm waters.

promenade in cotobro beach view It has very good restaurants and beach bars on the promenade, urbanizations and hotels.

Facilities and Services

  • There are showers, but no public toilets.
  • There is no rental of sunbeds or umbrellas.
  • Parking with less than 50 spaces.
  • Chiringuitos and bars to eat.

Calabajío Beach in Almuñécar

almunecar's caalbajio beach from a rock

Dimensions and Type of Sand

A small beach with easy access by car and an average influx of people. It is 313m long and 30m wide.

It is a beach of dark sand and rocks, with palm trees and other vegetation.

Located close to one of the largest hotels on the Costa Tropical, the Hotel Playa Cálida.

a shower among the palm trees next to the Calajio beach

Facilities and Services

  • Isolated from the urban center.
  • A small car park with less than 50 spaces.
  • It has showers and public toilets.
  • Offers hammock and umbrella rental.
  • There are good restaurants and beach bars nearby.

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