4 Options How to Reach the Alhambra - by Bus, Taxi, Car or Walking

How to Get to the Alhambra by Bus

You can take the red minibus Alhambra Bus C30 or C32, which leave every 8-12 minutes from Isabel Catolica Square to the Alhambra. The stop where you need to get off is called 'Alhambra - Generalife 2'.

sign directions how to get to the alhambra
how to get to the alhabmra by bus
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If you plan to stay in Granada several days and will be taking a bus seven or more times, you would be better off buying a Travel Card called Bonobus, so a trip will cost you cheaper.

You can buy the bus ticket or the travel card directly on the bus.

How to Get to the Alhambra on Foot

fountain in plaza nueva from where start walking to the alhambra The most desirable way is to walk down the Cuesta de Gomérez from the Plaza Nueva, enter the grounds of the Alhambra through the Cuesta de Gomérez and subsequently through the beautiful Gate of Justice, after passing through the woods.

It's a very pleasant walk that takes less than a quarter of an hour.

The walk starts with the Gate of the Pomegranates, at the end of the Cuesta de Gomérez. The gate was built in 1536 in place of the Old Gate.

walking from to plaza nueva to the alhambra Bib Albuxar (Gate of Glad Tidings). To the right and below rise the Towers of Bermejas, erected in the eleventh century on an earlier fortification to reinforce the walls.

You will be surprised by the number of trees in the Alameda, in an outlying area that was intended only for defending purposes and not for recreation.

These trees were planted in the sixteenth century, when the fortress had lost much of its defensive functions.

Just after the Puerta de las Granadas are three routes that you can take:

gate on the ways through the alhambra forests The main road leads to a small square containing the Fountain of Tomato. The monument is dedicated to the writer Angel Gavinet Granada.

To the left you will see, among the trees, the Gate of Bibarambla. It was once part of a wall that was demolished in 1894 and also known as the Gateway of the Ears and Hands, as it was here where the hands and ears of those convicted by the courts were hung.

Passing to the right you will reach the Bermejas Towers, and to the left you will reach the main entrance of the Alhambra. Before this you will have gone through the Pillar of Charles V, a fountain whose water hydrants represent, according to tradition, the three rivers of Granada: Beyro, Darro and Genil.

bridge to cross when entering alhambra You will enter the walled enclosure of the Alhambra through the Gate of Justice (fourteenth century), which has two arches from its outer side: at the top of the arch you will see an Arab hand, the hand of Fátima, whose five fingers represent the basic principles of the Islamic faith: divine unity, prayer, alms, fasting and pilgrimage to Mecca.

Inside, also at the top of the arch, is a key, which appears on other gates, representing the power that God gave to Muhammad to open and close the gates of Heaven.

Once inside you will find the Puerta del Vino, near the entrance of the Alhambra and the ticket office.

How to Get to the Alhambra by Taxi

In the table below you can see how much is the taxi to the Alhambra from different points of the city.

The first column displays the rate 1 for working days, and the second column is the rate 2, during holidays, weekends and from 22:00pm to 07:00am.

From Alhambra to
Tariff 1
Tariff 2
Bus Station
10 euros
12 euros
Plaza Nueva
5 euros
7 euros
Palacio Congresos
7 euros
9 euros
5 euros
7 euros
North of Granada
10 euros
12 euros
8 euros
10 euros
7 euros
8 euros
6 euros
7 euros

From the centre of Granada a taxi would cost between 6 and 8 euros. From the bus station of Granada is about 10-12 euros.

prices of taxi from some areas to alhambra

For more detailed information about the taxis see: Granada Taxi.

How to Get to the Alhambra by Car

road fork to the alhambra and sierra nevada The cars are not allowed to enter the Alhambra but there is a parking next to the monument. The price is approximately 2.80 euros/hour. There are also places for buses and caravans.

You can reach the parking by Ronda Sur ring (N-323, A44), the highway at the southern tip of Granada that borders the city.

Go through the Serallo tunnel, turn left at the roundabout and go uphill along Avda de Santa Maria de la Alhambra and then take the road that leads to the cemetery (Camino Viejo del Cementerio).

Alhambra Tickets

Information about where and how to get a ticket to the Alhambra in Alhambra tickets.

alhambra historic monument lions patio
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Location of the Alhambra

map of the location of the alhambra


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