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Sierra Nevada hostels have a long tradition of sheltering mountaineers and nature lovers all year round. They are vey comfortable and affordable.

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There are two hostels (albergues) in Sierra Nevada: Inturjoven, located near Los Peñones public parking and the CAR (High Performance Center), and the Albergue Universitario in the highest area of the ski resort, the Hoya de la Mora.

List of Services and Prices Offered by These Two Hostels

Inturjoven Universitario
Price pp 16-35 € 25-45 €
Minimun stay no no
Bathroom complete complete
Wifi yes yes
Lockers yes no
Ppl per Room 2-6 2-9
Parking yes, 7 €/day yes, free, exterior
Ski Rental yes yes
Ski Lockers no yes
Location Los Peñones Hoya de la Mora

Both places are a very good choice for families and groups, although they can perctly host individuals and couples.

They can also provide touristic services, such as ski lessons, guided tours and outdoor activities.

map of youth hostels in sierra nevada

Inturjoven Sierra Nevada

This hostel is not privately onwed. It belongs to the network of youth hostels run by the Junta de Andalucía (regional government) across the region.

view of the uriversity hostel
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It has double, triple and quadruple rooms for couples, families or groups in Sierra Nevada. They rent apartments too.

one of the rooms in youth hostel You need to get the Youth Hostel Card to be able to rent a room here. This card is available at the hostel and online. It costs 5 euros for under 30 years old / 10 euros for adults aged 30 yrs and over.

The Inturjoven Sierra Nevada is well connected with the ski resort thanks to the local bus service. There is a bus stop near the hostel.

The prices include: breakfast, a picnic bag (snack and drink) and dinner.

Prices Year 2020-2021

youth hostel hall in sierra nevada Prices vary a lot depending on the age, the type of room and the date.

Low Season
During low season people under 25 years old and those over 60 would pay 16 euros per night, and adults between 26 and 59 years would pay 20 euros.

Middle Season
Middle season rates are 18 euros for uder 25 and over 60 and 22 euros for adults.

spacious room in youth hostel inturjoven
High Season
When it is high season prices are 27 euros / 31 euros, reaching 31 euros/35 euros during the most expensive season (usually Christmas and Bank Holiday weekends).

Extra Charges
Extra charges may apply: parking 7 €, double rooms would cost between 2-6 € more, cradles for babies 4 €, towels 2 €, etc ...

intrujoven dining room in sierra nevada If there are no rooms available, you could book a package holiday, which includes food, forfait, 3 hours of ski lessons and equipment rental.

You must bring your own towels or rent them at the hostel for a small fee.


The hostel offers a ski rental service, own parking, lockers, internet connection, central heating, 24-hour reception. All rooms have full bathroom.

view of the building of intrujoven in sierra nevada


Inturjoven Sierra Nevada is located in a very nice area.

Address: Los Peñones 22, 18196 Sierra Nevada (Granada).

Enquiries and Bookings

Phone reservations: (+34) 955 035 886. Email:

How to Get to Inturjoven Sierra Nevada

To reach the hostel by car, follow the signs for 'The Peñones'. By bus: more information on Sierra Nevada buses.

location of Albergue Inturjoven in sierra nevada

Albergue Universitario in Sierra Nevada

The Albergue Universitario is located in the highest area of the ski resort, at an altitude of 2,550 meters. The place is called Peñones de San Francisco/Hoya de la Mora.

very nice room in the uriversity hostel
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It is a bit far from Pradollano (exactly 3 km away), however there are ski lifts connecting with the rest of the ski resort. There are no bus stops nearby and the hostel closes at 24:00.

room of the university youth hostel with tables outside This mountain lodge can accommodate up to 59 people. It belongs to the University of Granada, but is run by a private company called Nevadensis.

It has a restaurant, coffee shop and a lovely lounge with fireplace.

There are double rooms with a washbasin, and big rooms with bunk beds for groups. Toilets and showers are located in the corridor.

Prices Year 2020-2021

universitario hostel lodge Accommodation with half board in winter and during the weekends costs 45 € p.p. for two people, 40 € p.p. for four or six people and 35 € p.p. for nine people.

In winter, from Monday to Friday, it´s 5 euros cheaper. During the spring or summer it only costs 30 €.

They offer a daily lunch for 10 € and you can buy a picnic bag to take away for 7 €.

Prices are quite good if you compare with the the rest of the ski resort.

the salon with the sofa in the hostel They organize activities: alpine skiing, cross-country skiing courses, hiking and horse riding routes to discover the unique flora and fauna of the Natural Park and visits to the Astronomical Observatory, which is very close. Some of these activities take place only in the summer or spring.

They also provide a service of ski rental: ski equipment, crampons, snowshoes and piolets.

One of the advantages of this hostel is that is located in one of the best places for sled riding in Sierra Nevada. In fact, Hoya de la Mora is the starting point for many interesting routes.


Carretera de Sierra Nevada, km 36. view of the university hostel with snow

For enquiries and bookings

Telephone: 958 480 122

For activities and courses

Telephone: 958 763 127

Location of Albergue Universitario in Sierra Nevada

Location of Albergue Universitario in sierra nevada

Page Updated: January 03, 2021

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