Parking Granada - Cheap Car Parks, Where to Park in the Center and Prices 2020

It is difficult to find free parking in the center of Granada. Access to Gran Via and Recogidas streets, Plaza Nueva, Reyes Catolicos, Elvira Street, San Matías, and the neighborhood of Albaycin and Sacromonte is restricted to private traffic.

parking in granada, entrans to the alhambra car park

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In some areas, such as Plaza Nueva, bollards are placed to restrict the passage of cars, and in other areas, such as the Realejo, through surveillance cameras. These areas can only be accessed by residents and public transport.

Parking Per Hour Per Day Location
Parking La Hipica 0,90 13,00 Fontiveros
Mendez Nuñez 1,10 19,20 Maria Moliner
Palacio de Congresos 1,30 18,42 Salon/Centre
Paseo del Violon 1,35 18,00 Salon/Centre
Parking in Albaicín 1,50 15,00 Albaicín
Parking Cruz de Lagos 1,65 18,00 Science Museum
Parking Severo Ochoa 1,65 18,00 S. Juan de Dios
Parking Traumatologia 1,65 15,00 Traumatology
Parking Arabial 1,70 15,00 Arabial
Pedro Antonio Alarcon 1,70 17 C/ Ronda
Parking La Caleta 1,85 22,25 Caleta
San Juan de Dios 1,95 18,50 S. Juan de Dios
Plaza de Los Campos 1,95 19,50 Realejo
Parking Ganivet 2,10 20,00 Puerta Real
Parking Alhambra 2,80 19,20 Alhambra

Non-residents are allowed to enter other areas of Granada but free parking is usually ocupied. It is better to leave the car in a car park or park in the suburbs and take the urban bus. There are car parks that offer parking for just over 1 euro an hour.

alhambra guided tour

Granada has 23 public and 33 private car parks. Normally public car parks are cheaper than private. Here we have a selection of one or two cheapest car parks in each area of Granada and with good access.

The parking rates are in effect for the year 2021. Bellow you can also find information about parking for buses and motorhomes.

Parking Near the Alhambra

Parking The Alhambra

This parking is located some 100 metres from the Alhambra, monitored 24 hours, has four zones and a total of 500 parking spaces.

entrance to the parking lot alhambra in granada It has spaces for caravans and the only car park in Granada where you can park a bus. There is usually parking available

It's one of the most expensive parkings in Granada but it is the only car park near Alhambra.

  • Parking Rate: 1 hour - 2.80 euros, 1 hour extra 1.85 euros, 1 day 19,20 euros.
  • Rate per Bus: 1 hour - 4,45 euros, 1 hour extra 2,95 euros in low season.
  • Address: Parking the Alhambra, Camino Viejo del Cementerio s/n, 18009 Granada.
  • Telephone: 958 226 474.
  • Sights Nearby: the Alhambra and the Generalife, Carmen de los Martires.
  • How to Get There: from the Ronda Sur by Santa Maria de la Alhambra avenue.

Parking in the Centre of Granada

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Parking Palacio de Congresos

Parking in the center of Granada for 329 vehicles, in front of Palacio de Congresos and possibly the cheapest in Granada.

entrance to parking palacio-congresos in granada
  • Parking Rate: 1 hour - 1,30 euros, 1 full day - 18,42 euros, 1 week - 46 euros, 1 month pass 83 euros.
  • Opening Hours: open 24 hours.
  • Address: Paseo del Violon s/n, 18006 Granada.
  • Telephone: 958 817 167.
  • Sights Nearby: Palacio de Congresos, Puente Romano, Paseo de Salón, Fuente de las Granadas, Corte Ingles, Puerta Real
  • How to Get There: Has two entrances, from highway by Avda Fernando de los Rios and Paseo de Salon.

Parking Paseo del Violon

Parking in the center of Granada for 784 vehicles, one of the most economical in Granada: The price for 1 hour is 1.25 euros. Located next to the Rio Genil, in the tourist center of Granada.

entrance to parking paseo violon in granada
  • Parking Rate: 1 hour - 1,35 euros, 1 full day - 18 euros, 1 month pass 140 euros. The rate is applied per minute of stay.
  • Opening Hours: open 24 hours.
  • Address: Paseo del Violon s/n, 18006 Granada.
  • Telephone: 958 101 501.
  • Sights Nearby: Palacio de Congresos, Paseo del Salon, El Corte Ingles, Puerta Real, Hotel San Anton.
  • How to Get There: Has two entrances, near Calle San Anton and next to the Paseo del Violon bridge.

Parking Near Caleta and Triunfo

Parking La Caleta

This parking in the center of Granada has 900 spaces on 3 floors and is located near the tourist center of Granada. Offers multi-day and weekly subscriptions at special prices. Parking spaces are usually available.

walk through the parking lot of the caleta
  • Parking Rate: 1 hour - 1,85 euros, 24 hours - 22,25 euros. From 10,5 hours of stay, the maximum daily rate is charged. 41 euros a week, 90,05 euros a month.
  • Opening Hours: open 24 hours
  • Address: parking La Caleta, Plaza de La Caleta s/n, 18012 Granada.
  • Telephone: 958 278 053
  • Sights Nearby: Granada Tren Station, Courts, Virgen de las Nieves Hospital, Plaza de Toros
  • How to Get There: by the Avenida de Andalucia or by the Avenida de la Constitucion.

Parking in Albaicin

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Parking San Cristobal

This is the only public parking in the Albaicin. There are some other parkings but they are far away from the main sights. Has 80 parking spaces on weekdays and 300 spaces on weekends. On weekdays parking lots could be fully occupied.

view of san cristobal car park
  • Parking Rate: 1 hour - 1,50 euros, 24 hours - 15 euros. There is a weekly pass for 68 euros and monthly pass for 70 euros.
  • Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 6:00–01:00, Friday and Saturday 6:00–02:00
  • Address: Ctra. de Murcia, 51, 18010 Granada.
  • Telephone: 958 805 440
  • Sights Nearby: Mirador de San Ctristobal, Hospial Real, Palacio dar al Hora, Mirador de San Nicolas
  • How to Get There: by the Cartera de Murcia.

Parking Near San Juan de Dios

Parking San Juan de Dios

The car park is located in the historical and commercial center of Granada, near the San Jeronimo Monastery.

interior of the aprking san juan de dios
  • Parking Rate: 1 hour - 1,95 euro, 24 hours - 18,50 euros. There is also the monthly pass.
  • Opening Hours: open 24 hours.
  • Address: Calle Rector Lopez Argueta 3, Granada 18001.
  • Telephone: 958 276 702.
  • Sights Nearby: San Jeronimo Monastery, Hotel Granada Centro, Calle San Juan de Dios, Faculties of Political Science and Law.
  • How to Get There: from de Severo Ochoa by Rector Lopez Argueta.

Parking Severo Ochoa

Severo Ochoa parking has a capacity for 504 cars, guarded 24 hours and is located in the commercial and historical zone of Granada.

entrance to the parking of severo ochoa
  • Parking Rate: 1 hour - 1,65 euros, 1 day - 18 euros. There is also the weekly pass 56 euros and monthly pass 97 euros.
  • Capacity: The car park has 504 spaces, each one is about 15 square meters.
  • Opening Hours: open 24 hours.
  • Address: Plaza Sor Cristina de la Cruz Arteaga s/n, 18001 Granada.
  • Telephone: 958 206 140.
  • Sights Nearby: San Jeronimo Monastery, Granada Cathedral and Capilla Real, San Juan de Dios and San Rafael Hospitals, Faculty of Law, Political Science and Sociology, Commercial Registry, Notarial College, Conservatory of Music, Treasury Delegation
  • How to Get There: by Severo Ochoa street.

Parking Near Camino de Ronda

Parking Pedro Antonio Alarcon

This public parking is located near the Camino de Ronda, in Pedro Antonio de Alarcon street.

entrance to parking alarcon near camino de ronda
  • Parking Rate: 1 hour - 1,70 euros. 24 hours - 17 euros. The price is 0.029 euros per minute. The 7 day pass costs 56 euros, 30 day pass costs 98 euros.
  • Opening Hours: open 24 hours.
  • Address: Pedro Antonio de Alarcon 40, 18002 Granada.
  • Telephone: 958 261 721.
  • Sights Nearby: Recogidas street and Camino de Ronda.
  • How to Get There: From the highway through the Ancha de Gracia street
  • Guarded: surveillance with CCTV.

Parking Near Neptuno and Arabial

Parking Mendez Nuñez

It is the most economical parking in Granada, only 1.10 per hour. But it is not the cheapest if you are going to pay for a full day or for 1 month.

parking mendez nuñez in granada
  • Parking Rate: 1 hora - 1,10 euros, 1 día - 19,20 euros. El bono de 7 días cuesta 50 euros y 70 euros por al mes.
  • Capacity: The car park has 805 spaces.
  • Opening Hours: open 24 hours.
  • Address: Calle María Moliner n1, 18004 Granada.
  • Telephone: 958 277 581.
  • Sights Nearby: Hipercor Arrabal, Corte Inglés Arrabal, Gran Hotel Luna, Huerta de San Vicente.
  • How to Get There: parking Mendez Nuñez is located next to exit 128 (Mendez Nuñez) of the A-44 highway, in María Moliner street.

Parking Arabial

The Arabial parking is located in the commercial center Neptuno, near Recogidas street next to the Federico Garcia Lorca Park. Just next to it there is another car park Torres Neptuno, with similar prices.

parking arabial in granada
  • Parking Rate: 1 hour - 1,70 euros, 1 day - 15 euros. The 7 day pass costs 42.90 euros, from Friday to Sunday (3 days) 31.90 euros and one night (from 9pm to 8pm) 3 euros. The monthly card costs 81,90 euros
  • Capacity: The parking has 451 spaces, more than 14 square meters each.
  • Opening Hours: open 24 hours.
  • Address: Plaza Gerardo Cuerva s/n 18004 Granada.
  • Telephone: 958 260 041.
  • Sights Nearby: Federico Garcia Lorca Park, Camino de Ronda, Recogidas street, Disco Mae West.
  • How to Get There: from the Arabial street or directly from the highway.

Parking in Realejo Neighborhood

Parking Plaza de los Campos

The Plaza de los Campos parking has 100 spaces. It is located in the center of Granada, very close to the main attractions.

parking plaza de los campos
  • Parking Rate: 1.95 euros 1 hour, 19.50 euros a day, discounts for clients of some hotels.
  • Opening Hours: from 8:00 am to 1:00 am from Monday to Saturday, Sundays and holidays from 8:30 am to 11:00 pm.
  • Address: Plaza de los Campos 4, Local 3, 18009 Granada.
  • Telephone: 958 222 061.
  • Sights Nearby: Alhambra, Generalife, Paseo del Salon, El Corte Ingles, Puerta Real, Plaza Isabel la Catolica.
  • How to Get There: from Cuesta Escoriaza street take the Molinos street to Plaza de los Campos. From Plaza Nueva take Pavaneras street to Plaza de los Campos.

Parking Ganivet

The parking is located in the center of Granada, 5 minutes from the Realejo.

entrance to the parking ganivet near realejo
  • Parking Rate: 1 hour - 2,10 euros. 24 hours - 20,00 euros.
  • Opening Hours: open 24 hours.
  • Address: Angel Ganivet 9, 18009, Granada.
  • Telephone: 958 225 530.
  • Sights Nearby: Realejo 5 mins, central post office, Mariana Square, Puerta Real, Corte Ingles, Cafe Futbol.
  • How to Get There: from the highway take Recogidas street, and then Angel Ganivet Street.

Parking Near Zaidin-Vergeles

Parking La Hipica

The Parking La Hípica is the cheapest car park in Granada. It is located near the centre in the Plaza Hípica, in a quiet area, 10 minutes walk from the centre.

entrance to the parking la hipica
  • Parking Rate: 1 hora - 0,90 euos, 1 día - 13 euros, 1 semana - 40 euros, 1 mes - 70 euros.
  • Opening Hours: abierto 24 horas
  • Capacity: el aparcamiento cuenta con 951 plazas.
  • Address: Calle Fontiveros, 21-23, 18006 Granada.
  • Telephone: 958 134 650.
  • Sights Nearby: Cerca de la Plaza Fontiveros, centro de salud Zaidín, y Museo de la Memoria Histórica de Andalucía.
  • How to Get There: A-395, take exit 3 toward Avda Cervantes/Huétor Vega, at Plaza de Fontiveros take second exit and continue on Calle Primavera.

Parking Cruz de Lagos

Cruz de Lagos parking is located in the financial area of the city, In front of the headquarters of Caja Granada and Caja Rural de Granada banks.

entrance to the parking de cruz de lagos
  • Parking Rate: 1 hour - 1,65 euos, 1 day - 18 euros, 7 day - 56 euros, 30 days - 97 euros.
  • Opening Hours: open 24 hours.
  • Capacity: the car park has 805 spaces, 16 square meters each.
  • Address: Cruz de Lagos s/n, 18006 Granada.
  • Telephone: 958 183 567.
  • Sights Nearby: a few meters from the Science Park, Caja Granada, Isidoro Maiquez Theater and Memory of Andalusia museum.
  • How to Get There: from Fernando de lo Rios avenue.

Parking Near Traumatology Hospital

Parking Traumatologia

This parking is located in front of the Foreign Office of Granada, behind the Traumatology Hospital.

entrance and exit of the traumatology parking
  • Parking Rate: 1 hour - 1,65 euros, 1 day - 15 euros, 7 days - 40 euros, 30 days - 65 euros. Rate per minute: 0,027 euros.
  • Opening Hours: open 24 hours.
  • Capacity: has 449 spaces, 14 square meters each.
  • Address: Joaquina Eguaras s/n, 18013 Granada.
  • Telephone: 958 150 508
  • Sights Nearby: Cartuja Monastery, San Cecilio Hospital, Plaza de Toros.
  • How to Get There: from the highway follow Ctra de Jaen.

Parking for Tourist Buses and Motorhomes

Parking for Tourist Buses

The only public parking for the tourist buses is the Alhambra. There are also 4 points for droping off and picking up of tour buses passengers, here you cannot park:

two buses going to the car park in granada
  • Avenida de Fuentenueva: this stop is located near the Cathedral. Maximum stop time: 10 minutes. From the highway exit 128 (Mendez Nuñez).
  • Mirador de San Cristobal: this stop is located in the Albaicin, also maximum stop time is 10 minutes.
  • Calle Neptuno: maximum stop time: 30 min. From the highway A-44 exit 129 (Recogidas).
  • Paseo del Salon: near the Fuente de las Titas. From the A-395 highway, exit Alhambra, direction City Center - Cenes de la Vega.

Parking for Motorhomes

In the city of Granada you can park a motorhome but you can not leave it for several days in the same place, you would need to keep changing the place where the motorhome is parked.

There are neighborhoods like the Albaicin, Sacromonte, Center, etc. where motorhomes would have dificulties to enter because of their size, so it is better to park in the suburbs. Many motorhomes are parked in the Granada Bus Station area.

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