Map of the Alhambra Palaces, Gardens, Areas and Monuments Nearby

Here you can find 4 types of maps of the Alhambra which show different view of the monumental complex.

3D Map of the Alhambra Buildings

This map shows the Alhambra buildings, the nearby districts and streets, and the recommended routes at the camera's viewing angle set to 45 degrees.

amplify 3 dimensional map of the alhambra

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The Alhambra and Surroundings Map

A larger two-dimensional map which shows the Alhambra palaces, Generalife the surroundings of the monument, including the historic neighborhoods of Albaycín and Realejo.

map of alhambra surroundings

Here you can find how the Alhambra is connected to the rest of the city. It will help you to organize your visit to the Alhambra and other tourist attractions.

Map of the Main Areas of the Alhambra

A simple and easy to use map which shows the main areas and the services available in the Alhambra and also the recommended itinerary for people with reduced mobility.

amplify the map of the alhambra

Where the Alhambra is Located in Granada

Google map shows 2D map, satellite view, hybrid and terrain map of of the Alhambra.

map of the location of the alhambra

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Opinions about Alhambra Map
Public water points are not marked
Unfortunately that there are no public water points on the map, I know that there are several points in the Alhambra but they are not marked.

granada opinion
Guided Tours

alhambra albaicin guided tour
Where and how to buy tickets for the Alhambra and where to collect them, what to do if tickets are sold out.
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Mapa de la Alhambra
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