Zafra Convent in Granada - History and Opening Times

With a white facade, this monastery was built in 1540 with funding from the widow of Hernando de Zafra, secretary of the Catholic Kings.

entrance to the zafra convent

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this convent is the Arab House of Zafra dating from the Fourteenth Century, with a tiny courtyard of charming simplicity which affords a sense of peace within its enclosure.

Opening Hours of Zafra Convent

The visit is only possible when there is a Mass on Sundays and holidays at 9:00 am and on weekdays at 1:00 p.m.

Contact Information

Address : Carrera del Darro 39, Granada, Phone: 958 226 189

Entrance to Zafra Convent

The entrance to the Santa Catalina de Siena Zafra is free.

How to get there

You can reach the Convent of Santa Catalina de Siena Zafra by Granada city bus: Route C31 and C32, bus stop 'Banuelo'.

location of the convento de zafra in granada

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Convento de Santa Catalina de Zafra de Granada
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