The Madrasah or Madraza - the First 13th-Century University in Granada

The Madraza was the first university in Granada, founded by Yusuf I in 1349, who gave the building all the Nasrid splendorous style.

madraza building and musicians There were relevant poets, philosophers, politicians, doctors, etc... among its students and teachers. For instance, Ibn al-Khatib or Ibn Zamrak, whose poems decorate the walls and fountains of the Alhambra.

icons of saints in the madraza Located in the heart of Granada, in Oficios Street, is the only Nasrid building that remains in this area, a very important area at that time since here was the main Mosque of Granada and the main bazaar: the Alcaicería.

The name Madrasah (Madraza in Spanish) comes from the Arabic word "medersa", meaning Koranic school or college.

The Catholic Monarch, Ferdinand II, gave the building to the Cabildo´s house (town hall) in 1500, after the content of its library was burnt by Cisneros in Plaza Bib-Rambla. It was, sadly, one of the biggest public bonfires across Europe.

arab decorations inside of the madraza And since then it has been completely transformed to reach its current baroque appearance in 1722, demolishing the remains of the former Arab construction.

Until 1841 the Town Hall was located here - also known as the Old Town Hall - and finally, the state recovered it in 1943.

Nowdays is part of the University of Granada and became the headquarters of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes Nuestra Señora de las Angustias (Royal Academy of Fine Arts).

From its Nasrid splendorous past we can see only the Oratory and its beautiful mihrab. Admire its amazing octagonal dome. However, it underwent extensive restoration work. The rests of its white marble facade are at the Archaeological Museum of Granada (temporarily closed).

Contact Information and How to Get to the Madraza

exteriour of madraza first arab university
The Madraza is located at the heart of Granada in Calle Oficios, near the Cathedral, in front of the Royal Chapel (Capilla Real).

958 99 63 50.

How to get to Madraza:
You can reach the Madraza by the city bus, route LAC, C1, C2, SN1 y SN4 that pass through Granada's Reyes Catolicos Street. The bus stop is Gran Via 1.

location of the madraza in granada

Opening Hours of Madraza

Monday to Sunday from 10:30 to 19:45. Guided tours at 10:30 (in Spanish)

Madraza Entrance

The entrance to The Madraza is 2 euros.

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