Church of Santo Domingo in Granada - Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance Styles

Santo Domingo Church has several styles: Baroque, Gothic and late Renaissance. It was part of the Monastery of Santa Cruz, begun in 1512 in the Gothic style, to which relate its bows and wineries, while the rest of its decorations are Roman.

entrance to santo domingo church

The building of the church was interrupted on completion of its shell and resumed years later in 1532. It is not known who was the architect or the director of construction.

last meal statues in santo domingo church In front of the church entrance there is a stone portico with three arches on its Doric columns with the initials of Ferdinand and Isabella, their shield, the Emperor, and the motto "Tanto monta" in the centre.

Above the porch is a window with two arches, separated by a columella, decorated with the sculptures of Ferdinand and Isabella's victories.

To the right, near the bell tower and joined to the main entrance, the Convent was built.

Opening Hours of Santo Domingo Church in Granada

The Church of Santo Domingo of Granada is open during hours of warship.

Monday-Saturday: morning 8:30-9:30 h, afternoon 19:30-20:30 h.

Sunday: 9:30-14:00 h.

Location and How to Get to Santo Domingo Church

You can reach the church in Granada city bus: route C30 and C32, bus stop 'Santo Domingo'.

Address: Santo Domingo Church, Granada - Plaza de Santo Domingo 1.

Phone: 958 227 331.

location of the santo domingo church in granada

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