Granada History - Alhambra, Arab Conquest and Catholic Monarchs

granada history
Legend says that Granada is named after the daughter of Noah or of Hercules called "Granata" though documented history of Granada quotes this name before the Arab conquest as the Jewish Quarter of "Garnata".

alhambra decorations that represent arab history of granada and view of albaicin from windows

In the year 306 the first Council of Elvira was held. The three populations that existed during the Muslim invasion (Elvira, Qastilla and Garnata) depended on the Caliphate of Cordoba.

arab wall of granada The Zirid Dynasty influenced the development of Granada, the city expanded and reached the areas near the river Darro.

Late arab invasion in 1237 ended Zirid dynasty and finished the Constitution of the Kingdom of Granada, which remained as the last Muslim stronghold until 1492.

In the XIV century during the reigns of Yusuf I and Muhammad V, Granada lived its maximum splendor. During this time the Alhambra and Generalife were built.

On January 2, 1492, Granada is conquered by the Catholic Monarchs. During this time Columbus met with Queen Isabel in Granada and won support for the discovery of America.

isabel catolica square and buildings nearby Begins a new era in the history of Granada, splendor of Christian culture. During reign of Charles V all the major Christian monuments were built, corresponding with late Gothic and Renaissance architecture.

The splendor returns to Granada in the XVII and XVIII centuries with the great works of Baroque.

There would be a decline in the following centuries, and Granada does not recover until the arrival of Washintong Irving. With the arrival to Granada of Queen Elizabeth II in 1862 Granada starts booming again.

Granada enhances its reputation by works of Garcia Lorca, Manuel de Falla and Andres Segovia.


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Opinions about Granada History
What happened to the indigenous Christians
You seem to have devoted a lot of ink to the persecution and forced christianization of Moslems in that area some time back. There doesn't seem to be even a word devoted to how the Muslims (Moors) came to live in the area.

Presumably, they didn't just swing by with a wad of cash and buy real estate there back at the tail end of 7th century. So...the question would be, what happened to the indigenous Christians inhabiting the land prior to Muslims' arrival (Wojciech).
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