Corpus Christi in Granada 2022 - Celebrations, Processions and Major Attractions

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What is Corpus Christi in Granada?

Corpus Christi is probably the most important fiesta in Granada. For a whole week there are all kind of celebrations and cultural events in the streets: free puppet shows, a bullfighting festival, traditional processions, theater, concerts, exhibitions, etc...

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There are also some free flamenco and regional music performances in the center and the casetas (huge tents) at the fairground), which it is located in the north of the city, near the bus station. Flamenco outfits and decorations spread all over the city. The atmosphere is amazing!

What Happens in Corpus Christi in Granada in 2021?

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Corpus Christi Processions

Two major processions usually take place in Granada during Corpus Christi.

The first is the Tarasca (Tarasque), of pagan origin, which takes place on Wednesday morning and marks the beginning of a long school break. It's very popular with children.

In this procession, a figure of a woman on a dragon is accompanied by gigantes y cabezudos (giants and big-heads).

big heads in prosessions of corpus These caracthers are key participants of the celebrations, since they represent important people in the history of Granada, such as the Catholic Monarchs.

The cabezudos' main feature is their huge papier maché head. 

Unfortunately this procession is canceled in 2021. But you can see the Tarasca on display in the Plaza del Carmen, just next to the Town Hall on the 2 of June 2021.

The other procession, takes place on Thursday, the Corpus Christi day, and is a solemn and religious event.

This procession also is canceled in 2021 but you can see la Custodia (the Blessed Sacrament) in the Granada Cathedral on 3 of June 2021.

Carocas and Quintillas

A week before Granada Fair kicks off, the carocas and quintillas (a traditional satirical competition) are displayed in Plaza Bib Rambla, near the Cathedral.

flamenco dances during feria granada This tradition dates back to the seventeenth century, and in the nineteenth century they started to use this location for their public exhibition.

These Carocas are cartoons with satirical verses which humorously highlight major local and national events that took place during the year.

The authors are usually local artists, most of them amateurs who compete among hundreds of participants to be selected.

Every year only 20 carocas are published and they get a small cash prize of 90 euros. In 2021 from 260 carocas presented 20 were selected and will be displayed in Plaza Bib Rambla on May 31st.

Granada Fair

Almanjayar Fairground in Granada

Alhough Granada Fair is less famous than Seville's one, it offers a great deal of fun and entertainment and has got distinctive features.

wooden ship in the granada fairground The Corpus Christi fair in Granada begins on a Saturday at midnight, when, in an official ceremony, the major of the city witnesses the lighthning of the fairground.

Each year a resident of Granada is picked at random for this ceremony.

The fairground area has three different parts: the casetas area, the swings and attractions area, and the sorrounding area, where you will find many stalls selling food, drinks, sweets, etc.

hourse carriage in feria It's like a whole city that appears here only for a week. Every street at the fairground is decorated with thousands of typical lanterns, called farolillos, and it's a very busy and loud place.

The main entrance to the fairground area is outstanding. Thousands of bulbs are used to reproduce an emblematic monument of Granada, and the chosen monument is revealed just few weeks before the event.

alhambra lions fountain in in front of stand In Granada fair Casetas are usually open to the public, unlike in Seville. Some of them belong to groups of friends or associations, who pay a regular fee, but unless they are holding a private event they are happy to have some visitors.

There are also casetas belonging to political parties, public institutions, private companies and media. There is free entry in all of them and special events, such as children enterteinment, traditional food contests, etc...

What to do in the casetas?

The fiesta takes place in the casetas. There is a bar, where you can taste some typical Spanish food and wine, and there is a stage, where you could enjoy yourself watching a show or dancing sevillanas.

Usually, there are some bands playing traditional music at the institutional casetas.

When is Granada Fair Taking Place in 2021?

flamenco dances during feria granada Corpus Christi in Granada is usually held in June, but the date depends on Easter. You can find out by counting 60 days from Easter Monday.

That Thursday of Corpus Christi is a bank holiday in Granada (not in the province) and shops are not open. Friday is also a school holiday.

Unfortunately, there are no casetas (fair tents) in 2021.

The celebrations last about one week. In 2021 Granada Fair is canceled but there will be swings and slides for kids of all ages from 1 to 13 of June 2021 in Almanjayar Fair Ground (near bus station).

  • 1st and 2nd of June and from 7th to 10th of June: from 17:00 to 23:00.
  • From 3rd to 6th of June and from 11th to 13th of June: from 17:00 to 23:00.

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How to Reach the Fairground

Bus route 33 connects the city with the fairground. The underground has a stop just by the fairground too.

There is public parking with security between Casería de Aguirre and Joaquina Eguaras streets.

It is not recommended to park outside the official parking sites.

Location of the Fairground in Granada

Granada's fairground is located at Almanjáyar, in the northern part of the city, near the Granada Bus Station.

map of the location of the Fairground in granada

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