Museum of the Alhambra - The Best Selection of Spanish-Moorish Art

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The Museum of the Alhambra is located on the ground floor of the Palace of Charles V (Palacio de Carlos V). Its permanent collection is considered to be one of the best selections of Spanish-Moorish Art, in particular, Nasrid Art.

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If you want to enjoy a special visit these guided tours offer unique opportunity to discover Granada.

Alhambra + Albaicín + Sacromonte Tour: a combination of the complete tour of the Alhambra (Palaces, Alcazaba, Generalife) + the Albaicín + the Sacromonte.

Albaicin and Sacromonte Guided Tour: discover this old arab quarter of Granada with this guided tour.

Outstanding are the Vase of the Gazelles, from the collection of domestic ceramic objects, and the marble decorative element. The Museum holds a permanent collection of 312 pieces

The Museum of the Alhambra has seven rooms devoted to the Spanish-Moorish Art, culture and history between the ninth to sixteenth centuries.

Entrance Fee

The entrance to the Museum of the Alhambra is free.

Alhambra Museum Rooms

Room 1

jar and coins in room 1 This room is devoted to /strong>Faith, Science and Economy. Here you can admire, among other things, two very old and precious Corans, a solar notebook and a selection of coins from different Spanish-Moorish periods.

Room 2

The Andalusian Caliphate and Emirate are represented here. This room displays some beautiful capitals from different periods and a large collection of everyday objects, such as lamps, stoves, dishes, jars and bottles.

Room 3

big jar and mosque top From the X century (Caliphate) to the Nasrid period.

There are numerous architectural elements here, such as the famous Font of the Lions, and a part of the minarete of the mosque located where Saint Ann's church is now.

Also ceramics, bottles, jars, and an ivory hairpin.

Room 4

It displays many architectural elements from buildings outside the Alhambra, such as the two lions that were part of the Maristán building located in the Albaycín.

Room 5

well preserved old wooden gates, exceptional artwork You can find here some of the most representative pieces of the Alhambra: columns, fountains, doors, lattices and mosaics. In the center of the room, thecenterpiece of the Nasrid period is displayed: the beautiful Vase of the Gazelles.

There is also a collection of painted pottery with geometric and epigraphic subjects and a richly decorated door from the Palace of the Infants (Palacio de los Infantes).

Room 6

room 5 with the mosaics in the alhambra museum There are many pieces here belonging to the Alhambra palaces: architectural elements, furniture, gravestones from the royal cementery, the lamp from the Alhambra mosque, etc...

Room 7

Many s umptuous items from the Nasrid period can be found in this room: gorgeous fabrics, the golden vase known as Jarrón de Fortuny, wonderful inlaid items, a luxury chess and an interesting collection of Nasrid toys.

Alhambra Museum Opening Times

Winter timetable (15 October - 31 March)

close up on several mosaics From Wednesday to Saturday: from 8:30 to 18:00.

Sundays and Tuesdays: 8:30 to 14:30.

Closed on Mondays.

Summer timetable (1 April - 14 October)

From Wednesday to Saturday: from 8:30 to 20:00.

Sunday and Tuesday: 8:30 to 14:30.

Closed on Mondays.

Special Occassions

On Saturdays from 1 May to 30 September the museum opens from 08:30 to 21:30.

On 18 May, INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM DAY, the museum opens from 8:30 to 21:30h.

Contact Details and How to Get There

Contact Details of the Alhambra Museum

Address: Alhambra Museum, Carlos V Palace, in the Alhambra. Telephone: 958 027 900.

How to Get to the Alhambra Museum

In a small red Alhambra Bus, route C30 or C32, get off at the bus stop 'Alhambra'.

location of the alhambra

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Opinions about Alhambra Museum in Granada
Interesting collection of art
Alhambra museum is located inside of the Carlos V Palace, on the ground floor, near the entrance to the Nasrid Palaces.

Has interesting permanent collection of art: paintings, statues, coins, carvings and other artifacts. Also you can see the photos of the Alhambra before restoration, very different from what it is now.

Entry is free if you have an EU passport.
Rich collection of beautiful objects
The museum gives a good overview of the history of the Alhambra. A rich collection of beautiful paintings, woodwork, ceramics and other objects.

You need about 30 minutes to see everything. No photographs allowed.

Information in Spanish but not everything is translated into English.

granada opinion
Guided Tours

alhambra albaicin guided tour
Where and how to buy tickets for the Alhambra and where to collect them, what to do if tickets are sold out.
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