Sierra Nevada Ski Pass Prices 2020-2021, Calendar and Ticket Offices

In 2020-2021 season ski pass prices in Sierra Nevada have increased a little bit. The Junior category for 13-16 years has dissapeared and the Spring ski pass is no longer available.

skiers leaving ski lifts after purchasing ski pass in sierra nevada

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There are various types of ski passes in Sierra Nevada: 1) long term, 2) consecutive and 3) non-consecutive passes. There are also ski passes for families.

ski lift emile allais in sierra nevada Ski passes for consecutive days are free for children under 6 in Sierra Nevada.

They are also free for children with disabilities (6-12 years) and people over 70 years. They only have to pay 5 euros for the insurance.

People with disabilities (33% or more) have a discount.

The cost of the ski pass depends on the age of the skiier. There are three categories: children (6-15 years), adults (16-59 years) and senior (60-69 years).

Ticket Offices - Location and Oppening Times

There are two places in Sierra Nevada where you can purchase the ski pass. The main ticket office is located in Pradollano and there is another one near Parking Peñones.

Ticket Office at Pradollano

sierra nevada ski cabin in pradollano The ticket office in Pradollano in located in Plaza de Andalucía and is open from 8:00 to 16:30 every day of the week.

Advance sale: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 17:00 to 21:45.

Ticket Office at Virgen de las Nieves

Thes Ticket Office is located next to Parking Los Peñones, and it is open only on weekends from 8:30 to 15:00 and if the chair lift Virgen de las Nieves is working.

Sierra Nevada Ski Season Calendar 2020-2021

calendar ski pass november - january 2020-2021
calendar ski pass february - april 2020-2021

Sierra Nevada Ski Pass Prices - Consecutive Days

Prices of the ski pass for non-consecutive days are the same as the high season rates shown below.

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Sierra Nevada Ski Passes for ADULTS (16-59 years)

High Low Sale
1/2 day 43,00 41,50 38,00
1 day 52,00 50,50 47,00
2 days 102,00 99,00 89,00
3 days 148,00 144,00 130,00
4 days 192,50 186,50 168,50
5 days 229,00 222,00 205,00
6 days 269,00 262,00 245,00
7 days 309,00 302,00 285,00

Sierra Nevada Ski Passes for CHILDREN (6-15 years)

High Low Sale
1/2 day 28,00 27,00 25,00
1 day 34,00 33,00 30,50
2 days 66,50 64,50 58,00
3 days 96,50 93,50 84,50
4 days 125,00 121,50 109,50
5 days 148,50 144,50 133,00
6 days 173,50 169,50 158,00
7 days 198,50 194,50 183,00

Sierra Nevada Ski Passes for SENIORS (60-69 years)

Alta Baja Sale
1/2 day 34,50 33,50 30,50
1 day 41,50 40,50 37,50
2 days 81,50 79,00 71,00
3 days 118,50 115,00 104,00
4 days 154,00 149,50 135,00
5 days 183,00 177,50 164,00
6 days 223,00 217,50 204,00
7 days 263,00 257,50 244,00

Long Term Ski Passes

Long term ski passes are only for people who have the Sierra Nevada Club Card. Prices include insurance and VAT.

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Ski passes bought with the Sierra Nevada Club Card can not be used by another person.

There are two types of long term ski passes: seasonal and non-consecutive pasess for 10, 15, 20 and 25 days .

10, 15, 20 and 25 days Ski Passes - Non-Consecutive Days

ski pass non consecutive days sierra nevada

* Children (6-15 years), adults (16-59 years), senior (60-69 years).

Seasonal Ski Passes

You can buy a pass for the whole season: the price is 663 euros for children, 884 euros for junior and senior, and 1.104 euros for adults.

ski pass season prices sierra nevada

If you are planning to ski at least 30 days during the season, it is worth buying it.

Skiing at Night

There are 3.3 kilometers of ski slopes equipped with modern floodlights for skiing at night.

view of the mountains of sierra nevada illuminated at night This slope is located between Pradollano and Borreguiles and is called El Rio.

You can enjoy night skiing twice a week: on Thursdays and on Saturdays.

It opens from 19:30 to 22:00 hours, if weather conditions allowx. The last ski lift is at 22:00.

Normally, the night slope opens one or two weeks after the start of the season.

You can buy night skiing passes at the Ticket Office from 19:00 to 21:30 hours.

Page Updated: February 27, 2020

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Opinions about Ski Pases in Sierra Nevada
Stay in the Alpes
Compared to the Alpes it is expensive. Sadly we came high season, with line-ups. Thought it would be better priced. Stay in the Alpes (Robert).
What a shame, nice knowing you... Adiós
What a shame, prices were expensive, now excessive. As a resident of Granada I've been coming to the Sierra regularly for 7 years, but no more. Miserable waiters brimming with "mala folla" and crap apre-ski makes the cost even more unbearable. Nice knowing you, Sierra. Adiós.
Come to Granada but not to ski
Don't come to Granada to ski. The price of the forfaits are insulting for what is less than an average ski resort. The apri-ski is practically non existent, and the waiters in the restaurants (selling crap food at equally exhorbitant prices) give the impression that they hate you.

Come to Granada by all means, it's a lovely city with loads of rustic charm, but ski elsewhere. Madrid is a better option. Sorry Granada, but your lust for profit is killing this resort.
This saving should be passed on to the skiers
I purchased a 4 day ski pass on February 1st at a senior rate as I am 69 years old. My querie is why should we pay so much money when there are less than half the lifts open.

I am guessing that the reason for this is that as there are less people in the resort due to the lack of snow, the resort is saving money by closing down over 13 lifts.

I feel this saving should be passed on to the skiers with a reduction on their lift passes and then be given a refund accordingly.

I am retu
ing to Sierra Nevada the second week in March. I welcome your views. Thank you (Alan).
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