Sleds in Sierra Nevada - Prices, Sledging Areas and How to Get There

sledges in sierra nevada
One of the most popular activities for non-skiers in the Sierra Nevada is sledging. Every year thousands of people go to the mountains to take advantage of the many areas available where you can enjoy a day of snow with sleds.

rent sleds in sierra nevada next to to sledging area

Where to Rent Sleds in Sierra Nevada and Prices

sled rental in sierra nevada There are several shops where you can rent sleds in the ski resort of Sierra Nevada in the urbanization of Pradollano, but the sleds can also be rented just next to the sledging area.

In the Hoya de la Mora the sleds cost 8 euros/hour and 12 euros/2 hours.

Usually you have to leave your ID or some other personal identification document.

Rent Sleds 50% Cheaper in Granada

In Granada city o nearby you can find rental shops where the sleds can be rented for 10 euros/day. It's much cheaper than renting sleds in Sierra Nevada (8 euros/hour, 12 euros/2 hours).

shed rental in granada city La Vereda rental shop is located in Guejar Sierra, there is the road that takes you to Sierra Nevada from this village.

If you only want to rent a sled for an hour it is cheaper in Sierra Nevada, but if you want to spend more time with the sleds, it is worthy to rent in Granada.

Phone of the shop: +34 649 10 17 22.

Where to Buy Sleds and Prices

shildren using sleds in sierra nevada If you plan to go to Sierra Nevada with sleds more than once, it would be a good idea to buy a sled.

The prices start fron 2,50 euros, but even the longest sleds (around 30 euros), around 1 metre long, are still shorter than the sleds you rent in Sierra Nevada o rental shops in Granada.

Decathlon is located in the north of Granada, next to the motorway, and just next to Brico Depot, Media Markt, etc, tel: +34 958 539 890.

Where to Use Sleds - Sledging Areas in Sierra Nevada

In the Borreguiles area there is a special track for sleds with a length of 600 meters.

borreguiles area children with round sleds To access this track, you need to use the cable car as the track is located at 2,600 meters above sea level next to the ski slopes.

The price of cable car for non-skiers is 16.90 euros for adults and 9.20 euros for children of 6-12 years. It is expensive if you plan only to go sledging.

You can go sledging for free in Hoya de la Mora. It is a large open area that can normally be reached by car. But there are days during peak season when you cannot access the Hoya de la Mora due to the large influx of people. If you arrive late, you would not be able to access the area by car. So it is advisable to come early.

If there are places available you can park in the public parking Los Peñones and walk from there, but it is far away.

Russian Sled Ride in Sierra Nevada

a couple on the russian sleds in sierra nevada The Russian Sledge is kind of roller-sled on rails and has a drop of 550 meters.

A sled can accommodate 2 people. The 'driver' can regulate the speed and the sled can reach up to 40 km/hour.

Children younger than four years old are not allowed and children of eight years can use the sled without an accompanying adult.

The price is 5 euros/person. Children have no discount.

The Russian Sledge is located in the Recreation Area Mirlo Blanco.
Updated: 23/10/2019

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