Granada Suburban Buses to Villages Near Granada

Information on suburban bus companies offering services in Granada. Information you need to get in and out of Granada, connections between villages and Granada, addresses, phone numbers and web sites of the metropolitan bus companies of Granada.

Ttansportation Consortium

Address: Calle Maria Teresa LeOn, 6 Bajo, Granada 18013
Phone: 902 450 550
Fax: 958 911 062

Autocares Framar

Address: Ctra. Granada s/n, La Zubia, Granada 18140
Phone: 958 591 205
Service between Granada and La Zubia, Granada - Ogijares - Gojar - Dilar and Granada - Loma Linda.
Fares: 1.05 € for a single ticket, 0.79 € with the bus pass, 0.46 € for the first transfer and free for subsequent transfers.

Autocares Jose Gonzalez

Address: Poligono Industrial Juncaril, calle Monte Frio s/n, nave 115, Albolote, Granada 18220
Phone: 958 490 164
Suburban Buses connecting Granada with: Granada Airport
Also: Route Cacin - Granada

Autocares Martin Corral

Address: Caretera del Almendral 8, Calicasas, Granada 18290
Phone: 958 409 603
Fax: 958 409 672
Suburban Buses connecting Granada with:
Calicasas, Cortijo del Aire, El Chaparral, Monte Luz, Villas Blancas

Autocares Liñan

Address: Acera del Darro 96, Granada 18005
Phone: 958 263 725
Fax: 958 256 416
Suburban Buses connecting Granada with Barrio Monachil, Bellavista, Cajar, Colinas Bermejas, Guejar Sierra, Huetor Vega, La Zubia, Las Chinas, Los Llanos, Monachil, Mundo Nuevo and Pinos Genil

Autocares Marcos Muñoz

Address: Bus Station, Window 3, Granada 18000
Phone: 958 161 738
Fax: 953 276 213
Suburban Buses connecting Granada with Andujar a Jaen, Domingo Perez, Huelma, Guadahortuna, Montejicar, Parque del Cubillas

Autogranadina Empresa Torres

Address: Arco de Elvira 12, Granada 18010
Phone: 958 202 905
Fax: 958 804 328
Suburban buses connecting Granada with Buds Vega, Guevejar, Nivar, Pulianas

Carlos Fernandez de la Torre

Address: Poligono Asegra, Avenidada Asegra 8, Peligros, Granada 18210
Suburban Buses connecting Granada with Viznar, Jun, Alfacar

Herrederos de Gomez

Address: Caretera de Dilar s/n, Granada 18007
Suburban Buses connecting Granada with Dudar, Cenes de la Vega, Los Pinillos, Quentar, Pinos Genil

Transportes Arraña

Address: Poligono Industrial de Gojar par. 3 y 4, Gojar, Granada 18150
Phone: 958 591 061
Suburban Buses connecting Granada with Dilar, Gojar, La Zubia, Ogijares

Ureña e Hijos

Address: Calle Real 24, Valderubio, Granada 18250
Phone: 958 454 154
Fax: 958 134 626
Suburban Buses connecting Granada with Chauchina, Escoznar, Fuente Vaqueros, Obeilar, Santa Fe, Valderrubio

Trinidad Nievas

Address: Calle Era 11, Huetor Santillan, Granada 18183
Phone: 958 545 423
Fax: 958 546 000
Commuter buses connecting Granada with Beas de Granada, El Fargo, Colmenar, Huetor Santillan

Tranvias Electricos de Granada

Address: C/ San Anton 41, Granada 18005
Phone: 958 263 440
Fax: 958 263 440
Metropolitan Buses connecting Granada with Albolote, Armilla, Atarfe, Churriana de la Vega, Gabia, La Joya, Las Gabias, Maracena, Peligros, Poligono Asegra, Poligono Juncaril

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