Timetables of the Granada City Buses at Your Bus Stop

Find out when the bus is departing from your bus stop. These are the scheduled (approximate) transit times; traffic, weather and road conditions might delay the bus.

Write the number (ex: 575), part of the name (ex: ronda) or complete name of the bus stop.

You can also see the minutes left, routes map, bus prices and other information.

How to find departure times using the bus stop number?

You can find departure times by entering the bus stop number in the search box.

The bus stop number is usually displayed on the bus shelter. Check on the bus route map or the top of the bus shelter.

How to find departure times using the name of the bus stop?

If you don't know the bus stop number, try using the name of the bus stop.

It is advisable to type only a part of the name, for example 'dila'’ rather than 'avenida de dilar'.

If you are not sure what the bus stop name is, try using the name of the street where the bus stop is located.

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