Granada City Pass - What Includes, Benefits and Where to Buy

What is Granada Card?

Granada Card is a card that includes the entrance to the Alhambra and other main monuments and museums of Granada, 5-9 urban bus trips, depending on the type of the card you buy, and a trip on the tourist train.

city pass o tourist voucher of granada
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Granada Card is also called Granada City Pass (Bono Turistico in Spanish). By buying the tourist pass you can save up to 30% compared with purchasing the entrances to the main attracions separately.

gardens of generalife in the alhambra The tourist sights included in Granada Card can only be visited once.

There are no discounts for seniors or students.

The City Pass does not allow changes or refunds once purchased. So, double-check the date and time before making your purchase.

What does the Granada Card include?

view of cartuja monastery in summer 1) 5/9 trips on any Alhambra Bus or Granada Urban Bus.

2) 1 ticket for the Touristic Train valid for 24 hours (only if you buy 5 day city pass).

3) Entrance to the principal monuments of Granada:

Alhambra and Generalife (entry without Granada Card 14 euros)
Monasterio de Cartuja (entry without Granada Card 5 euros)
Catedral de Granada (entry without Granada Card 5 euros)
Capilla Real (entry without Granada Card 4 euros)
Monasterio de San Jeronimo (entry without Granada Card 4 euros)
Parque de las Ciencias (entry without Granada Card 7 euros)
interior of the cathedral of granada
Museo de Andalucia (entry without Granada Card 4 euros)
Abadia del Sacromonte (entry without Granada Card 4 euros)

It also includes the entrances to the Cuarto Real and Casa de Zafra, although the entrances to these monuments are free of charge without the Granada Card.

There are 2 types of City Pass: 3 days pass and 5 days pass.

3 Days Granada Card

What is included?
The Alhambra and Generalife entrance.
Entrance to the monuments.
5 urban bus journeys.
does not include tourist train trip.
3 Days Granada Card Price
37 euros - advanced booking or direct purchase
Validity of the City Pass?
3 days from the date of activation.

5 Days Granada Card Plus

What is included?
The Alhambra and Generalife entrance.
Entrance to the monuments.
9 urban bus journeys.
1 tourist train trip.
5 Days Granada Card Price
40 euros - advanced booking or direct purchase
Validity of the City Pass?
5 days from the date of activation.

Granada Card for Kids

entertainment in science museum
What Does it Include?

Includes the same entrances and services as the adult City Pass.

How Much It Costs

10,50 euros - the price is the same for 3 or 5 days pass.


For children from 3 to 11 years old. The child city pass is always associated with an adult city pass.

An adult can buy up to 3 passes for children. It is not possile to buy Granada City Pass for a child without buying City Pass for an adult.

For the entrance to the Alhambra you need to get a free pass at the Ticket Hall in the Alhambra.

Is it worth to buy the Granada Card?

museum of andalucia in granada Let's calculate how much it would cost us to use the urban buses and to see all the monuments which are included in the Granada Card if we visit them without the card:

Alhambra 14 euros + Monasterio de la Cartuja 5 euros + Catedral 5 euros + Capilla Real 4 euros + Monasterio de San Jerónimo 4 euros + Parque de las Ciencias 7 euros + Museo de Andalucía 4 euros + Abadia del Sacromonte 4 euros + 5 bus trips 4,25 euros.

Total without Granada Card: 50,25 euros. With Granada Card 37 euros.

It is worth it when you visit more than 73% of the atractions included in the pass and take 5 trips in the urban buses.

Another advantage: during high season on many days there are no tickets available for entrance to the Alhambra. However, with Granada Card you could be able to gain entry to the Alhambra.

Buy the Granada Card in advance: Online or by Phone

exterior of granada cathedral You can buy the Granada Card in advance or directly when you arrive to Granada. It is advisable to buy the City pass in advance as the pass could be sold out.

If you want to get it in advance, you can do it online at:; or by telephone from monday to friday 08:00-15:00, tel. 902 100 095 (only from Spain), tel. +34 958 244 500 if you call from abroad, but they only speak Spanish.

Once you buy the card you will receive a reference number ("localizador" is Spanish). This number has to be presented at the time of collection in one of the official points mentioned below.

The City Pass can be purchased from 1 day to 3 months in advance, and you can get up to 8 passes with 1 credit card.

There may be some specific offers or changes, find out more in

alhambra ticket office
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Where to Buy and Collect the Card Directly in Granada?

Touristic Information Center at the Town Hall
tourist office in mariana pineda Collections only, here you cannot buy the card.

Address: Plaza del Carmen 2. Tel. 958 248 280, Email:

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 to 20:00 horas.

Sundays from 10:00 to 15:00. Mondays closed. Sometimes it is also closed on Bank holidays, please call to find out.

Parque de las Ciencias (Science Museum)
Address: Calle Parque de Las Ciencias, s/n. Tel. 958 131 900

granada science museum Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00 hours.

Sundays and holidays from 10:00 to 15:00 hours, Mondays closed.

More information in the Science Park of Granada.

Kiosk Chalo-Plaza Nueva
Located in Plaza Nueva. Phone: 958 055 245.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 08:00 to 16:00.

Alhambra Entrance with the Granada Card

view of the alhambra from albaicin You can enter the Alhambra by showing the City Pass at the gates. There is no need to queue at the ticket office.

The day you choose to visit the Alhambra can be the same when the City Pass starts as long as you bought the pass at least 1 day in advance.

The visit to the Alhambra is divided into three areas: the Generalife, the Alcazaba and Nasrid Palaces and must visit all three on the same day.

We Answer Your Questions

Should we reserve Granada City Pass in advance?
It is advisible to buy it in advance. But you can also buy Granada City Pass 1 day before visiting the Alhambra.

Can the Granada City Pass be used for the bus from the airport to Granada City Centre?
No, Granada City pass is not valid for the bus from the airport to Granada City Centre or for any other metropolitan or intercity bus. It is valid only for the urban/city buses.

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Opinions about Granada City Pass
Excellent guidance
Excellent guidance provided by your website. Thanks a lot for understanding the problems of tourists from foreign countries (Syed).
Booking is not smooth and unnecessarily complicated
I'm very unimpressed with the websites that sell the card. They're ok for information but booking is not smooth at all. It seems unnecessarily complicated. The links to find out availability for the Alhambra with the Bono Turistico don't work. I'm going to try phoning but I live in Spain and speak Spanish. I can understand the frustration of those trying to book from abroad (Karen).
I have tried to purchase this card 5 times
I have tried to purchase this card 5 times today.. they will not take a debit card. This is ridiculous as i do not have or want a credit card!..unimpressed (Christine).
It seems like all the tickets which include Nasrid Palaces are sold out. I read it is possible to visit Alhambra and the Nasrid Palaces also having the city pass.
You visit the Alhambra and the Nasrid Palaces the same day. You specify the date and time of the visit (of the Nasrid Palaces) when you buy the Granada city pass.
I had a funeral the day I was supposed to take the bonus so I was 2 days late, arriving on a Sunday after 2pm. Nowhere was opened to get the bonus. Don't think it's fair that you don't change it but you are also close. NEVER AGAIN I will get anything in advance.
On Line Orders
I have tried to purchase tickets at Every time I try I am told I have run out of time. This is imposable! Also I get sent in circles to get to the booking page.
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