Granada Bus Routes - Bus Stops, Timetables and Maps of Each Route

In Granada there are 27 bus routes that run seven days a week from 6:00 am until 12:00 pm, including Sundays and holidays.

There are also 2 circular routes (111 and 121) that offer a night service from 12:00 pm to 6:00 am.

new bus routes of high capacity buses

Here you can see the maps of the bus routes, these maps are placed at all Granada bus stops.

Granada bus maps have all the information on bus routes, parkings, taxi stops and monuments.

Individual Bus Routes, Year 2018

Click on the iamges to open the maps and find the best route to your destination.

route lac
route c1 plaza nueva alayzin
route c2 plaza nueva sacromonte
route c3 izabel la catolica generalife
route c4 isabel catolica cementerio
route c5 glorieta neptuno
route c6 mecina bombaron gran capitan
route c7 acera darro 9 - comertial centre - parking cementery - generalife
route n1 bobadilla comedores universitarios
route n3 cerillo de maracena comedores universitario
route n4 garccia lorcca caleta
route n5 modesto dendoya caleta
route n6 caseria del cuerro caleta
route n7 julio moreno davila triunfo
route n8 fargue triunfo
route n9 carmenes de san miguel marin ocete
route s0 polideportivo cruz de lagos
route s1 los rebites paseo de violon
route s2 cctra huetor vega palacio ccongresos
route s3 tierno galvan pal congresos
route sn1 de avda. sierra nevada a los pinillos
route sn2  carlos V - palacio de deportes
route sn3 rebites - av. andalucía - diputación 1
route sn4 av. dilar - av. andalucía 91
route sn5 beethoven - IES alhambra - parque nueva granada
route u1 sagrada familia facultad cienciad de educacion
route u2 plaza enstein facultad cienciad de educacion
route u3 avda dilar maria de maetzu
route nocturna 111
route buho 121

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Bus timetables change often, so it's best to call free on 900 710 900 from 7:00 to 24:00 h. Unfortunately they speak only Spanish. There you can also get information about Granada buses, best possible routes, lost and found, arrival times and bus fares.

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