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The bus from Granada Airport has no service number. The operating company is Alas whose name is normally displayed on the side of each bus.

granada airporta bus timetables
At the bus stop and on the bus windscreen is written, 'Granada - Airport'.

Bus Stops Granada - Airport

From Granada to the Airport
1) Plaza Rotary near Palacio de Congresos (urban bus stop) - salida: 0 minutes
2) Acera del Darro next to Hotel Carmen: +2 minutes
3) Gran Via de Colon, building Santa Lucia (urban bus stop): +5 minutes
4) Gran Via de Colon, building Americano (urban bus stop): +8 minutes
5) Constitucion Avenue, Triunfo square (urban bus stop): +10 minutes
6) Andalucia Avenue, San Izidro Square (urban bus stop): +13 minutes
7) Granada Bus Station, Juan Pablo Avenue II, 33 (next to the station): +15 minutes
8) Europa Square (urban bus stop): +17 minutes
9) Avda. Andalucia, corner of Periodista Eugenio Selles street (urban bus stop): +20 minutes
10) Santa Fe, Palos de la Frontera 2: +30 minutes
11) Granada Airport: +45 minutes

From Granada Airport to Granada
1) Granada Airport - departure: 0 minutes
2) Santa Fe, Palos de la Frontera 2: +15 minutes
3) Avenue of Andalucia, corner of Periodista Eugenio Selles street (urban bus stop): +25 minutes
4) Europa Square (urban bus stop): +28 minutes
5) Granada Bus Station, Juan Pablo AvenueII, 33: +30 minutes
6) Avenue of Pintor Francisco Padilla (urban bus stop): +32 minutes
7) Avenue of Constitución Avenue, Hotel Abba (urban bus stop): +35 minutes
8) Avenue of Constitucion, Hotel Condor (marquesina del bus aeropuerto): +37 minutes
9) Gran Via de Colon, Catedral (urban bus stop): +40 minutes
10) Puerta Real, corner of Puente street (urban bus stop): +43 minutes
11) Plaza Rotary, next to Palacio de Congresos: +45 minutes

Approximate Time Between Stops

approximate time between bus stops

For example, if the bus leaves Plaza Rotary at 5:20, it arrives at the stop Acera del Darro at 5:22 h, building Santa Lucia at 5:25 h, building Americano at 5:28 h, Triunfo square 5:30 h, San Izidro Square at 5:33 h, Granada Bus Station at 5:35 h, Europa Square at 5:37 h, Avda Andalucia at 5:40 h, Santa Fe at 5:50h and Granada Airport at 6:05 h.

Bus Timetables: Granada -> Granada Airport

Timetables of Granada airport buses are available on the website of Alsa Alsa makes frequent changes in schedules, not to miss your flight, it is also highly recommended to check bus timetables a day before your flight.

Ticket Price

The fare is 2,70 euros from the Airport to Granada city centre.

Where to buy airport bus tickets: the ticket is purchased directly on the bus, there is no need to book

The Journey Time

bus to granada airport with the name of the route and price
The journey from the first stop, Paseo del Violon, to Granada Airport is about 40 minutes.

Airport Buses Contact Details and Timetables

Company: Alsa
Phone: +34 902 422 242

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We Answer Your Questions On Granada Airport Buses
At what times do buses depart from Granada Airport/Granada Bus Station?
Granada Airport -> Granada Bus Station:
There is no specific time of departure of the buses from the airport to Granada; the bus leaves after the arrival of each flight. It usually takes 20-25 mins to Granada Bus Station.

Granada -> Airport:
It usually takes 25 mins (depending on traffic) from the Exhibition and Conference Centre to Granada Bus Station and from Bus Station to the Airport 15-20 mins more.

As a rough guide: if for example the bus leaves at 05:20 h from the Exhibition and Conference Centre, it will reach the Bus Station at 05:45 h and Granada Airport at 06:00 h.
What is the nearest bus stop to Granada Train Station?
You have to take the bus from Granada Airport to Granada city centre and get off at La Caleta. La Caleta is only a 2-minute walk to the Granada Train Station.
Does the Granada Airport Bus stop near the Granada Bus Station?
Yes, the bus stops right outside Granada Bus Station
What time does the first bus heading towards Granada Airport pass through La Caleta, and how long is the journey?

The first bus to the airport passes through La Caleta at approximately 05:30 h, and the journey time is about 25-30 minutes.
How long does it take from the first bus stop to the Triunfo Gardens?
From the first bus stop (Conference Hall) to Triunfo Gardens takes about 10-15 minutes, from the Triunfo Gardens to Granada Airport takes about 30 minutes.

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