Family Restaurants in Granada - Where to Eat with Children in Granada

Would you like to enjoy a good meal while your children play in a playground, swim in a pool or where your kids can run around wherever they want without them been exposed to the danger of getting hit by cars?

family restaurants in granada where children can play If you are looking for a place where everything is designed for families and where parents can relax while the kids enjoy and have fun, you are in the right place.

Here we offer you a selection of restaurants in Granada ideal for families with children, which include: activities or attractions, the type of food, prices, photos and directions.

Restaurant Meson JR - Pool, Recreation Area, Football Field

The restaurant is located 5 min from Granada, between villages Cúllar Vega, Ambroz and Genil. Its a perfect place to hide from the heat in the summer.

terrace near the parking restaurant mesonjr It has a big swimming pool with round water slide, 2500 square metres of artificial grass, playground, trampolines and small children's football field.

Restaurant and coffee shop are next to the playground and pool, where parents can eat or drink something and watch their children bathe or play. Entrance to the recreation area and swimming pool costs 8 euros per person.

Contact Details
Address: Street Cullar Vega 3, 18194 Vegas del Genil. Phone: 958 432 152

How to Get There
The more comfortable way to go is by car. If you do not have a car, there is bus from Granada to Ambroz, route 150 to Cullar Vega.The ticket costs 4 euros. The bus stop in in Paseo de Violon, near Puente Blanco (Escolapios Collage). More information in metropolitan buses.

location of the restaurant meson jr in granada

Restaurant el Cortijo

interior of the restaurant cortijo The restaurant is surrounded by gardens and play area for children, where you can have a quite lunch while the children are playing.

The restaurant building is the 19th century tobacco warehouse with 2 levels, the ground floor has a fireplace and is an ideal place to eat in winter. The top floor normally used for meetings, birthday parties, Christmas and other celebrations.

In the summer you can enjoy the green zones and natural grass. In the exterior there is also enough space for weddings, anniversaries or birthdays.

gardens in the restaurant pizzeria In the playground there is enough room so that children can play the tag game or footbal, also there are swings.

This child area is completely fenced and only accessed from the terrace of the restaurant, from where it is visible all the time. It is free of charge.

Address: Camino del Atajadero 18198 Huetor Vega. Tel: 958 304 178. It has free parking for about 50 cars.

location of the restaurant cortijo in granada

Restaurant Balcon de Genil

The restaurant Balcony de Genil is located between Granada and Huetor Vega and is surrounded by nature.

It has a spacious terrace with beautiful views over Granada and Sierra Nevada.

children's playground at restaurant The restaurant has a playground and children's Centre, where you can celebrate a birthday.

In its cafeteria there are several menus for children from 8 to 9.50 euros, including soft drinks, minipizza, potatoes, cake or ice cream, a gift for the host and bag of sweets.

It has enough space to celebrate weddings, baptisms, first communion, and other types of events.

Address: Restaurant Balcon del Genil, Calle Luxemburgo 31, in the Rebites area of Huetor Vega, Granada. Tel: 958 500 004

Closed on Wednesdays.

location of the restaurant balcon genil in granada

Restaurant El Guerra

This restaurant is a good place to have a lunch or celebrate baptism and communion, also provide clown entertainment and other activities for children to enjoy throughout the day.

swimming pool in the restaurante el guerra The restaurant has a summer pool (not free) where you cannot enter with food, but they offer you the possibility of purchasing the entry to the pool with the menu included.

The playground is nor free, costs 4 euros hour, 3 euros for half an hour, it has a ball pool, trampoline, tunnels, bridges, etc...

Swimming Pool: 7 euros a day.

Address: Restaurant El Guerra, Camino del zute 36, Granada, Huetor Vega.
Tel. 958 501 159

location of the restaurant guerra in granada

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