British Airways London to Granada – Flights, Tickets and Schedules

British Airways have suspended nonstop flights from Granada to London.

British Airways is the second largest airline in Europe and the largest in the United Kingdom. From July 25 the company will offer direct flights from London to Granada.

flying to granada from london with british airways
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British Airways' fares might seem more expensive than those of the low-cost airlines, but if you take into account all extras and travel expenses, it can work out cheaper than flying first to Málaga and then travelling on to Granada (see example fare comparison below). Also, there is the time saving with British Airways.

sky view of london city airport British Airways also has the great advantage of flying from London City Airport, which is a good deal closer to the city centre.

The fare from central London to the airport is 3 or 4 euros, while travelling to Gatwick Airport costs 23 euros (with the Gatwick Express), so you save around 20 euros.

British Airways uses Embraer 190 aircraft with 98 seats on its Granada service.

Granada–London Fares with British Airways

sky view of london city airport
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There are two fare types, economy and business class. Business class costs about twice as much as economy.

With British Airways, you can change the date of travel for an additional 60 euros, subject to availability.

The cheapest fare to London costs about 110 euros (100 pounds).

You can buy the tickets from London to Granada at

Flight Schedules with British Airways

British Airways flies to London 2-3 times a week, depending on the time of year.

Granada–London Flight Schedule

April - November:

near london bridge From April to November there are three flights a week.

Monday and Friday: departure from Granada at 13:35, arriving at London City Airport at 15:15.

Sunday: departure from Granada at 19:40, arriving at London at 21:20.

December - March:

From December to March there are two flights a week.

Thursday: departure from Granada at 13:30, arrival at London City Airport at 15:10.

Sunday: departure from Granada at 18:30, arrival at London at 20:10.

Flight time: 2 hours and 40 minutes.

London–Granada Flight Schedule

April - November:

From April to November there are three flights a week.

Monday and Friday: departure from London City Airport at 09:10, arrival at Granada at 12:50.

Sunday: Departure from London at 15:20, arrival at Granada at 19:00.

December - March:

From December to March there are two flights a week.

Thursday: departure from London City Airport at 09:10, arrival at Granada at 12:50.

Sunday: departure from London at 14:00, arrival at Granada at 17:40.

Flight time: also 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Fees, Extra Charges and Luggage

luggage dimentions british airways All fares include taxes and other booking fees.

The maximum free checked-in luggage allowance for British Airways is 23 kg (51lb).

For 60 euros you can change the time/date of travel before departure. These changes are subject to availability.

There are no refunds if you have to cancel your flight.

How to Get from Central London to London City Airport

How to Reach City Airport by Train

sky view of london city airport The airport is located not far from Greenwich, in Zone 3 of London's public transport network.

London City Airport is easy to reach by taking the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) service, which links the airport with London's Underground and national rail networks.

Departures are every 8 to 15 minutes, with the trip taking less than 7 minutes when travelling, for example, from Canning Town Tube Station.

This is the fastest way to get to London City Airport.

How to Reach London City Airport by Bus

Bus number 473 takes you from Plaistow Tube Station to London City Airport (13 stops).

Bus number 474 operates between Canning Town Tube Station and London City Airport (8 stops).

It is cheaper to go by bus to the airport but it takes considerably longer.

From Granada Airport to Granada

granada airport bus at aiport bus stop There is a bus that runs every 1-2 hours, journey time from Granada airport to Granada Bus station is about 15 minutes and to Granada city centre is about 30 minutes. Ticket fare is 2,70 euros.

Also there is always a taxi waiting at the entrance of the airport. The taxi fare is about 25 euros to Granada city centre.

More information in Granada airport buses

Which is Cheaper to Granada, British Airways or Ryanair?

Let’s compare fares to see which would be cheaper: to fly from London to Málaga with Ryanair, and then from Málaga to Granada by coach, or to fly directly from London to Granada with British Airways?

Ryanair fares vary between 47 and 209 euros (without extras), and British Airways between 97 and 146 euros. The Ryanair fare does not include luggage fees (35 euros extra), whereas luggage fees are included in the British Airways fares.

We have selected the cheapest Ryanair and British Airways fares we have found in July/August 2013 and we will check in one item of luggage.

Flying with Ryanair, London (Stansted Airport)–Málaga

sky view of london city airport Outbound flight 57.99 euros, return 47.99 euros (with taxes and fees).

Checking in one suitcase of 20kg (with British Airways you can check in up to 23kg) will cost 70 euros for the round trip.

We did not select priority boarding, travel insurance, reserved seat, SMS notification, etc.

Total outbound fare with luggage: 92.99 euros, total inbound fare 82.99 euros. Total return fare: 175.98 euros.

This is the lowest possible fare. If we were to reserve seats to match the service offered by British Airways, it would come to 10x2 = 20 euros more. Total: about 196 euros.

Flying with British Airways, London–Granada (London City Airport)

Departure from London City Airport, arriving at Granada Airport.

sky view of london city airport Outbound flight 97 euros, inbound flight 97 euros. Total: 194 euros (with fees, taxes and luggage of 23 kg).

The British Airways total return fare is 2 euros cheaper than Ryanair's.

Other Travel Expenses

Now we need to add other transport expenses: the rail fare (Tube/DLR) to London City Airport, and the bus fare from Málaga to Granada.

With British Airways: from a Tube station to London City Airport costs 3.50 euros and the bus from Granada Airport to Granada city centre costs 3 euros. Total: 7.50 euros.

If we fly with Ryanair, we would need to take a bus from Victoria Coach Station in central London to Stansted Airport, costing 16 euros (return fare), and a bus from Málaga Airport to Granada which would cost 21 euros (return fare). Total: 37 euros.

Total costs taking into account all travel expenses: British Airways - 201.50 euros. Ryanair - 233 euros.


British Airways
97 euros
97 euros
0 euros
0 euros
8 euros
202 euros
47,99 euros
57,99 euros
70 euros
20 euros
37 euros
233 euros

a couple looking for flight tickets on laptop
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With British Airways we can save 31.50 euros. If we did not choose priority boarding with Ryanair we would pay 20 euros less, but it is still 11.50 euros more expensive than with British Airways. If we do not check in any luggage (we only 'took' hand luggage up to 10kg), it would be 18.50 euros cheaper to fly with Ryanair.

Furthermore, we have to consider the time it takes to complete the whole journey, from Victoria Coach Station in London to Granada Bus Station, where Ryanair takes about 3 hours longer.

This is just an example, using the cheapest fares we have found for July and August. Prices vary a lot and you have to check and decide for yourselves whether to opt for a particular airline, considering quality of service and all possible expenses for your date of travel.

Page Updated: February 28, 2020

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Opinions about Flights from Granada to London with BA
Granada Flights
About time. O'Leary was not serving the public but screwing the Granada authorites and businesses. I hope the new servce is a success and stays. Granada airport is a very nice way to come to Spain, small and manageable (Mike).
Ba Flying London City To Granada
Great. Flying monthy to and from Malaga to UK and onward bus to Granada this last 4 years has been ghastly. I love Granada airport and the ease of my monthly commutes being to Granada again is heaven-sent! (Mike).
Ba Granada - London
At last! Very welcome news and it's the difference between traveling in relative comfort (BA) or cattle class (guess who!!!!!) it's a no brainer for folk living in the Granada area (Ann).
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