Granada Cemetery Tour - Tombs and Viewpoints

The current San Jose Municipal Cemetery of Granada was founded in 1805 when the so-called "Barriers Cemetery, today Patio First, is becoming the city's general cemetery.

Its first expansion took place in 1844 and 1894, continued after to its current configuration.

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The itinerary for the start in Granada Cemetery Patios I and II (historical cemeteries and graves), covering Patio III (fair romantic) Patio de la Ermita (former Chapel), Patio de San Miguel (Scenic Viewpoints), Patio de San Cristobal (Palace of the Alixares), Patio de San Juan (Monument "Memory of Granada") and Patio de Santiago (historical cemeteries) ending in the Court of Sorrows (Arco).

Inside the Granada Cemetery hosts interesting exhibitions of sculpture and funerary architecture of the XIX, XX and XXI, near the old chapel of neo-romantic style (year 1904), the unique views of the Sierra Nevada, Granada and the Vega and the archaeological remains of the Palace of Alixares Nazari (XIV century), form a unique historic and artistic.

Opening Hours Summer: 8:00 hours to 20:00 hours.
Winter: 9:00 hours to 18:30 hours.

How to Reach Granada Cemetery You can reach the cemetery in Granada city bus line 13, leaving from Puerta Real, Acera del Darro passes, Plaza de los Campos, Paeo Pump, etc.

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Alixares Palace, Patio of San Cristobal, Ermita, Santiago, San Juan, Angustias, San Miguel

Free entrance

Estimated duration of the route is one hour, from Monday to Sunday, all year.

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