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In summer, If you want to refresh yourself, visit water park Aquaola located 10 minutes from Granada, in Cenes de la Vega.

map of water attractions for children in granada You will find many water slides and swimming pools, one with waves and another for small children. There is also the Pirate Galleon, Lake Iguazu and the Tornado slide.

ship in a water pool with children playing There are many areas with trees to rest in the shade, bar, changing rooms and a cloakroom, and picnic areas where you can eat.

For adults, tickets cost 15 euros, children pay 10 euros for a full day. Entrance for children with height less than 0.95 m is free.

There is also a "late ticket" that is cheaper, as it is for people who enter the park from 3pm. This type of ticket is worth 10 euros for adults and 7 euros afternoon for children and the retired.

tube slides into the pool
It can be reached by city bus line SN1, which leaves you at the foot of the water park and wait for the minibus right there Aquaola free, you climb to the top of the hill on which it stands.

Open every day from 11:30 to 19:30 from June to September.

The water park is Aquaola in Granada García Lorca Street 53, 18190 Cenes de la Vega (5 min from Granada) Tel: 958 486 189.

location of the water attractions Aquaola

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