Children Shops and Baby Stores in Granada

A selection of kid-approved shops for children in Granada where you can find original, cheerful, modern toys or handcrafted toys and cloths.

children shops in granada and stores for kids Learning and educational toys for kids and children, learning games, electronic learning systems, wooden and jigsaw puzzles and activities that teach math.


eureka kids in the heart of Granada In this small shop located in the heart of Granada you can find beautiful wooden toys, original games, crafts and many things you will not see in any other store.

Here you will discover that there is a prettier version, better quality and better ideas to commercial toys advertised on television.

It is in the C / C corner of Corn Exchange / Rows.

location of the shop for children eureka kids in granada


imaginarium in the shopping center srallo plaza It is another Spanish company with a special vision of toys, full of fantasy and respect for the environment.

The store, located in the shopping center Serrallo Plaza, invites you to enter its magical world through a small door for children where their dreams come true.

Original proposals for the development and learning of children from birth, incredible experiments to learn more about the world around us, renewable energy and recycling.

location of the shop imaginarium in granada


orquestra children shop in Granada It is a French franchise in Granada has two small shops in the center, one in Puentezuelas Street No 18, and the other in the Square of Santo Cristo.

They have very nice cheerful and original clothes for children from infants to age 14, although some collections only go up to 8 or 10 years.

Has a variety of seasonal clothing and accessories of good quality.

location of the shop for children orchestra in granada

Kiddy's Class

Kiddy's Class store of cloths for children This brand belongs to Inditex group and specializes in children's clothing, shoes and accessories.

The shop is located in the center, on Gran Vía n 4 and offers beautiful and modern clothing from infants to 14 years with very good value for money.

On the ground floor you will find children and baby clothing, and on the first floor for the the girl.

location of the shop kiddy class in granada

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