Typical Festivities of Salobreña – Activities and Dates

festivals and traditions of salobreña
In Salobreña, the San Juan Festivities (23-24 June) are celebrated with bonfires on the beach, and those of the Virgen del Carmen (around 16 July) with festivals, sea processions, concerts and activities.

festival of virgen de rosario in salobreña

The latter, being a sea festival, has a special significance in the fishing district of La Caleta.

The typical festivities of the province of Granada are also celebrated, such as the Day of the Cross (3 May), during which crosses made of flowers are displayed and stalls are set up, with music and bars, and with tapas and drinks being served in the most traditional neighbourhoods.

San Juan and San Pedro

Dates: 24-29 June

processions of salobreña This local festival is celebrated with musical performances, a lively atmosphere and many people attending from nearby towns.


During Holy Week in Salobreña, several processions pass through its streets with great devotion on the part of the locals.

In these sacred days of the Passion, the Procession of Solitude on Good Friday stands out, in which only the women participate.

Virgin of the Rosary

festival virgen de rosario Dates: 7-8 October

The Virgen del Rosario is the patron saint of Salobreña. This festivity is celebrated with a traditional pilgrimage on the beach, concerts at the Castle, and a craft market in the Paseo de las Flores.

Summer in Salobreña

During July and August many visitors come to Salobreña to enjoy their holidays by the sea.

The programme 'Summer in Salobreña' has been developing over the years and already offers a variety of concerts of various styles on the beach and in the park. There is also a theatre in the Castle and children's activities.


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