Restaurant in Albaicin with View of the Alhambra and Granada

Aben Humeya restaurant is located in the Albayzin with a covered terrace overlooking the Alhambra.

view of the alhambra from the restarurant flowers in the restaurant and alhambra in the background

It is an excellent place for quiet lunch or dinner, a historic place where you can not only have a delicious meal but also walk in its gardens and enjoy the view of Alhambra.

You can also celebrate group meals, small celebrations, and so on.

It is not expensive and the quality is good. The average meal price is 30-35 euros. A great variety with appetizers (sausage, cheese, rich and warm toast ...), creative salads, baked meat, some fish and even pasta and rice.

The restaurant is also open as a cafe on the weekends, with home-made desserts and ice cream.

Opening Hours of the Restaurant
It is open from March to November at 13:00 hours until 24.00 except on Wednesdays. In summer only open at night.

The cuisine is very diverse (Mediterranean cuisine).

The average price is 30-35 euros.

Contact Details
Address: Restaurant Aben Humeya, Cuesta de las Tomasas 12, Albaicin, Granada. Phone: 609 376761.

Location of the Restaurante Aben Humeya in Granada

map of the Location of the Restaurante Aben Humeya in granada

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