Alhambra Ticket Prices - Direct Sales, Over the Internet or by Phone

alhambra ticket sale desk

Advance Sale Prices (ATM machines, Internet and Telephone)

The price of the ticket to the Alhambra is 1,40 euros more than direct sales due to the fee that is charged if you buy by telephone, on the internet or in the ATM machines.

Direct Sales Prices (Ticket Desks)

Alhambra Ticket Prices (Nazrid Palaces, Alcazaba and Generalife)
alhambra view from albaicin between two houses
  • Adults: 14 euros (direct sales at the box office).

  • Children under 12: free (must apply for free admission ticket at the Alhambra ticket office).

  • Disabled persons: 9 euros (with more than 33% disability and documentation provided).

  • Retired and EU citizens over 65 years: 9 euros for visits to the Alhambra both day and night (must provide evidence of senior citizen status).

  • EU Youth under 30 years: 9 euros (must submit youth card). You can only buy these tickets through the box office, not over the Internet or by telephone.

Entrance to the Gardens (Alcazaba and Generalife)
view of the albacin fron the walls of the alhambra It the general tickets to the Alhambra are sold out you can still visit the Alcazaba (military part of the Alhambra) and Generalife gardens.

  • Adults: 7 euros.

  • Children under 12: free (but must apply for free admission ticket at the ticket office).

  • Retired and EU citizens over 65 years do not have discounts for this type of visit.

Tickets to the Alhambra with City Pass

If you buy City Pass you gain free entry to the Alhambra, other monuments and museums of Granada and other benefits like free travel in urban buses, some discounts in restaurants and museums.

Where and How to Buy a Ticket to the Alhambra

Information on how to buy tickets for the Alhambra is in Alhambra Tickets

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