Fly with Ryanair - How a 1 € Travel Ticket Can Become 200 €

Ryanair is a "low cost" company , but a 1 euro ticket can become 200 euros if you are not careful. Can an airline make money and survive by selling tickets for 1 euro? Right, it's impossible.

ryanair flight to granada in the sky

We know they have subsidies, but this is not enough for an air carrier to exist. How can Ryanair survive selling tickets at a price of a bus ticket? The answer lies in the different taxes they charge.

Ryanair Taxes

Ryanair charge for carrying babies, sports equipment, musical instrument, for changing name, charges to bring baby strollers, to board first, for each bag, fees for paing by credit card, to receive a confirmation of reservation, etc..

When you want to buy a ticket you have to be careful and read everything during the purchase process and be careful of what you select.

Initially, the flight fare could be 1 euro, but you have to add these taxes:

• Priority Boarding: If you want to be one of the first passengers on board, you have to add 3.21 euros per passenger

• Check in bags: if you want to check in travel bags (most of us would have to), it is 10.70 euros for the first bag

• The maximum allowable weight per bag is only 15 kilos (the empty bag or briefcase and can weight 5 kilos), 10 kilos left. It is very likely that with this weight limit, you need to check 2 or more bags.

• If you want to carry 2 or 3 bags, you have to add 32 euros for 2 bags and 53.50 euros for 3 bags, just for checking them in

• If traveling with a baby, the baby's ticket price could be more than twice more expensive then the price of an adult ticket. If an adult ticket is 1 euro, baby ticket price is 21.40 euros. Twenty times more expensive than an adult.

• Paying with a credit card costs 5 euros extra

• Watch the weight of the bags. If the weight exceeds the limit of 15 kilos, by only 1 kilo, they will not let you enter the plane without paying 16 euros for every kilo extra. We know of cases where people had to pay 300 euros more per family for their bags. You should weigh your luggage at home to avoid surprises.

You need to board and leave the plane very quickly
To call Ryanair costs 0,87 euros/min from a landline, and 1.22 euros/min from the mobile
There is no email to complain.
Tickets do not have numbered seats, you have to run as fast as you can to get the best seats. So is is advisible to do some sport at home to prepare youself for running...

Food in Ryanair Flights

The food is expensive, here are some examples:
Snacks: 5 euros
Piece of Pizza: 4.50 euros
Hot Dog: 5 euros
Coffee: 3 euros
Beer: 4,50 euros

.. and 1 sandwich is not enough to keel the hunger. It's a good idea to bring snacks from home

Another very important thing

to do check-in online (Internet), if forget to do it, you have to do it directly at the airport, Ryanair charge you 42 euros per person for this. For a family of 4 person this is 168 euros more.

Conclusion, you have to be careful when purchasing the ticket, not to forget to check in online, bring convenience food and so on. May be better to buy airline tickets in a reputable airline, paying a little more, but no surprises or headaches ...

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Opinions about Ryanair in Granada
Frequent Traveller
We fly with them often. To beat the system fill your pockets and keep to one light bag each. Eat before you get on or at your destination. Buy a bottle of water and snacks at the airport after security. Bring a book and dont worry where you sit as everyone gets to the same destination. Easyjet is better, use it where possible!
Well done Ryanair
I have flown with Ryan Air several times, The last being last December 2016 I paid £44 return to Majorca, and that was it! I did my api details as soon as I could, X got seat by window there X back I was a bit anxious about excess baggage on my return. But nobody battered an eyelid!! The flight was slightly delayed, but journey X crew very ameniable(needed help with case after back injury, no probs. Waited for lift X assistance to airport from plane. Well done Ryanair!!!
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