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gardens and fountains in the alhambra

It is magical
I'm in love with Granada, it is magical, I think that it should cost someone a lot to leave the city, that keep showing the beauty of Granada, chaoooo I am Chilean.

Arab Baths Aljibe
Something really worth seeing are the Arab baths Aljibe, amazing experience taking a bath while you hear a arab music and drink mint tea, relaxing massage, would feel something like Scheherazade's of the Arabian Nights (Mela).

Green areas of Granada
Granada is losing its style, has evolved from a green garden with special freshness to look like a tiled bathroom. There are fewer parks and gardens compared with how was before.

And the new architecture in the city is also aberrant with concrete blocks that "hurt" an environment.

A lost bag on line 3, Granada City Buses
On a recent visit to Granada I left my bag on a service 3 bus from the bus station to the city centre.

In it was a camera worth 1000 Euros but more importantly two passports and my flight tickets home to Scotland. I was so upset.

I reported the loss to the Guardia Civil and the British Consul but did not expect to see my bag again. I was so thrilled when that evening the driver of the bus came to my hotel with my bag.

He had opened it saw how important it was and returned it to me when he had finished work. What a fantastic man-so honest and kind.

I do not know his name but if you can publish this in your staff newsletter or put it on a noticeboard he will know that a man from Scotland will never forget him (Stuart).

Little available in languages
Granada is friendly and interesting but very little available in languages other than Spanish which is a real put off for non spanish when one is a self directed tourist.

Upon discovering this page I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to a woman that accompanied me in the visit to the museum. I do not remember her name (she told me), but her treatment was exquisite. I made the visit in late Junio 2009. Thank you for your attention, I will be back.

Granada Shoping
Just to say that I love shopping in Granada, I've been twice here, but surely I come back soon! (Jenni)

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