Granada Pernocta Card - What is it? Where to Buy it and What's Included

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What is the Granada Pernocta Card?

The new Pernocta Card is a special type of touristic pass that has been created exclusively for tourists who stay in Granada a minimum of two nights.

hotels which offer granada pernocta card and the alhambra
alhambra guided tour

The card looks exactly the same as the ordinary Granada card, but the conditions are different.

alhambra which is included in granada pernocta card A certain amount of Alhambra tickets are allocated to this card, so you could find tickets here when all the rest are sold out.

1. Granada Card - NOT associated with accommodation

There are seven types of Granada Card. All of them include 9 bus passes and one pass for the touristic train.

You can find all the information about the ordinary Granada Card (without accommodation) in this section.

2. Granada Pernocta Card – associated WITH accommodation

view of the alhambra palace hotel There are five types of Granada Pernocta Card.

Tourists have to stay in Granada a minimum of two nights to be able to buy this card.

You need to get in touch with the hotel/accommodation directly to make sure that they sell the Granada Pernocta Card and that there are tickets for the Alhambra available.

Find out here what is the Granada Pernocta Card, what is included, how much it costs and what advantages it has.

What is Included in the Granada Pernocta Card

windmill generator ein granada science museum Besides the Alhambra, you can visit Granada's most important monuments with this card. You can choose between different types of Granada Pernocta Card, depending on the monuments you would like to visit.

The Science Museum and the Zafra House are included in all 5 modalities.

All types of Granada Pernocta Card cost the same: 16 €. The card is valid for 5 days from its actual date of issue.

Taking into account that the general entrance to the Alhambra costs 14 € and that with this card you can visit the Alhambra plus 5 or 6 monuments; we could say that the Granada Pernocta Card is a very good deal.

hotel casa federico in granada According to the Official City Council Tourist Information web page, hotels should not charge any commission for selling the Granada Pernocta Card, although they are free to set accommodation rates.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please contact the City Council Tourist Information Office:

Oficina Municipal de Información Turística (OMIT), Plaza del Carmen s/n, tel.: 958 248 280 / 958 248 272, email:

Granada Pernocta Card - 5 options

Visitors can choose between 5 different Pernocta Card modalities, depending on what monuments and parts of the Alhambra complex they want to see.

entrance gate of the alhambra Four of these options include a visit to the Alhambra. Here is a list of all modalities and monuments included:

1. Granada Pernocta Card with the Alhambra general tickets

2. Granada Pernocta Card with the Nasrid Palaces only

generalife gardens in the alhambra
- The Nasrid Palaces, night visit.
- San Jerónimo Monastery.
- Sacromonte Abbey.
- The Science Museum.
- Zafra house.

3. Granada Pernocta Card with Alhambra Gardens only

- The Generalife Gardens and Palace.
- The Cathedral and Royal Chapel.
- Sacromonte Abbey.
- The Science Museum.
- Zafra House.

4. Granada Pernocta Card with Alhambra Experiences

cartuja monastery in granada
- The Nasrid Palaces, night visit.
- The Generalife and Alcazaba, daytime (the following day).
- Cartuja Monastery.
- Sacromonte Abbey.
- The Science Museum.
- Zafra House.

5. Granada Pernocta Card with city monuments only:

This is the only modality that does not include a visit to the Alhambra. Instead it focuses on the main monuments located in the Albaycín and around the city:

san jeronimo monastery patio
- The Cathedral.
- Royal Chapel.
- Cartuja Monastery.
- The Bañuelo.
- San Jerónimo Monastery (photo).
- Dar al-Horra Palace.
- Corral del Carbón (free entry).
- Horno de Oro Moorish House.
- The Science Museum.
- Zafra House.

Is it worth buying the Pernocta Card?

The Granada Pernocta Card is a good deal not just because of all the monuments it includes, but also because you could get tickets for the Alhambra when they are sold out elsewhere.

patio of arrayanes in the alhambra The Alhambra and Generalife Council keeps 500 tickets everyday for the Granada Card and Granada Pernocta Card.

How much do we save by buying the Pernocta Card?

If you buy tickets for all the monuments included (Alhambra + 5 other monuments) separately, we would spend about 15-20 € more.

Just to compare, if you buy the ordinary Granada Card (not associated with accommodation) you will spend between 35 and 40 €.

Where to Buy The Pernocta Card

The Granada Pernocta Card is sold only in hotels/accommodation that have been officially registered. You can see a full list in the Granada City Council Tourist Information Web.

beautiful partal palace in the alhambra We strongly recommend that you contact the hotel to make sure there are Pernocta Cards (and tickets for the Alhambra) available before making any bookings.

Page Updated: March 24, 2020

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Opinions about Granada Pernocta Card
Hotels charge a commission
Some hotels charge a commission for selling you the card.

The Urban Dream Hotel Granada charges a commission "management fees" 10 euros per person! instead of 16 euros 26 euros.

And the entrance is not guaranteed, even if you sleep for two nights.
Official rules
There should be clear rules if the hotels can charge a fee for purchasing Pernocta Card.
This card should be provided without additional costs because the hotelier benefits from having the customer staying more days.
Deception Perocta Card
Some hotels include peocta card in special packages that greatly increases the price (they would not be 16 euros per person established).

An example would be the Hotel Saray, which offers the oveight voucher for 98.66 euros per night (when the night costs 60 euros). Therefore, hotels are not following the rules of the peocta card.
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