Flamenco Show in Albaycin Based on a Book - The Purest Flamenco Art

"Raiz and Duende" is a flamenco show in Albaycin based on the book "Made in Paris" written by Maria de los Angeles Molina Argote, Andalusian poet of recognized prestige, born in Jaen.

The purest Flamenco Arts (singing, guitar, percussion and dance) merges into "Raiz and Duende" in poetry, dance, original music, painting and film, that will shock the audience's senses and allow them to enjoy 1 hour of intense and unforgettable spectacle.

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The flamenco show provides a platform for the new generation of flamenco artists from Granada who have the opportunity to prove themselves and to accumulate the necessary experience to undertake a professional activity designed to bring worldwide as ambassadors of the flamenco art.

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Address: Cuesta San Gregorio 30, Albaicin, Granada.

Tel: 958 227 334.

Email: info@vimaambi.com.


15 euros

Show Times

Fridays and Sutardays, 21:00 and 22:30

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