Good Friday in Granada - Popular Events and Processions

processions in realejo on good friday in granada On Good Friday, the most popular event of the day takes place in the Campo del Príncipe.

In the heart of the Realejo more than 5,000 people gather every year to say the traditional prayers before the statue of Señor de los Favores (built in 1682). It is the most popular event of the Holy Week in Andalusía.

At 15:00 the crowd becomes silent. There follows a moving prayer which, according to tradition, includes the petition of three "favours" (hence 'Señor de los Favores').

virgen of soledad in realejo of granada There are six processions in Granada on Good Friday, so it is not easy to decide which ones to see. But if you feel up to experiencing all six, make sure you take comfortable shoes and clothing.

Once again, the Realejo, traditionally one of the most devoted neighbourhoods in the city, opens up two of its main churches, Santo Domingo and the parish church of San Cecilio.

The cofradías of 'la Virgen de la Soledad' (at 13:45) and 'el Santísimo Cristo de los Favores y María Santísima de la Misericordia' (at 18:55) parade on the streets of Granada.

coffin of the christ on good friday in granada And next to the River Genil embankment, at around 19:15, the procession of the 'Santisimo Cristo de la Expiración and Maria Santisima del Mayor Dolor' leaves from the parish church of San José de Calasanz.

One of the best places to see it: when it crosses the Roman Bridge next to the Carrera del Darro at 19:30.

virgen waking the streets on good friday in granada At 19:00, on the other side of town, people gather at the doors of the Monastery of San Jerónimo to witness the carrying-out of the spectacular 'Soledad', one of the most beautiful icons in the Semana Santa of Granada.

See the outstanding beauty in the sadness of its face. It follows the Holy Sepulchre accompanied by a uniquely fascinating cortège.

This is the oldest cofradía in Granada, indeed its origins date back from 1521.

Finally, we return to the Plaza Nueva to see the procession known as "el Entierro de Cristo" (the Entombment of Christ), coming out of the parish church of San Gil y Santa Ana at 20:15.

Processions and Schedules, Good Friday in Granada

good friday soledad

good friday ferroviarios

good friday favores

good friday escolapios

good friday santo entierro

good friday soledad second procession

map of procecions of good friday in granada


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