Easter Sunday - The Last Day of Holy Week Festivities

holy sunday in granada On Easter Sunday, all the bells in Granada toll joyfully. Processions take to the streets in the morning.

A children's procession leaves at 10:30 from the Church of Santo Domingo. These processing children are called 'the Facundillos'.

They carry a small float of a throne with a beautiful image of the Infant Christ accompanied by many other children playing musical instruments.

Traditionally, all of the children who come over to see this procession carry small bells and jingle them loudly.

last day on eater sunday This procession passes through the Calle Ganivet (the Official Tribune) at 11:40, and it leads to the Cathedra at 12:20.

Two more processions close the Holy Week festivities in Granada.

At 10:30 from the Church of San Miguel Arcángel, the first cofradía leaves: 'Nuestro Señor de la Resurrección y Santa María del Triunfo'.

From the Church of Sagrario, next to the Cathedral at 11:00, thenazarenos of the 'Resucitado and Nuestra Señora de la Alegría' walk the streets slowly.

Processions and Schedules, Easter Sunday in Granada

easter sunday los facundillos

easter sunday procession resurreccion

easter sunday procession resucitado

map of proceciones of easter sunday in granada


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