University Travel Card - Fair and Where to Apply for University Pass

University Travel Card is valid for 10 trips and may be used on all routes of the Granada city bus network.

university travel card in granada

University Travel Card Price, Trasfers and Requirements

The price of the University Travel Card is 5 euros. One trip costs 0.61 euros. 2-euro deposit is required.

Bus Transfers
One free transfer to other buses providing less than 60 minutes have elapsed since first boarding.

Age and Requirements
It is an essential requirement to be a registered university student. Only young persons up to 25 years of age.

Where to Apply
You can apply for the University Pass at the university; ask the Secretary of your faculty.

We Answer Your Questions

What should I do in case of theft or loss of my University Bonobus?
You need to apply for a new pass in the Faculty of the University (Dining Building, ground floor, phone 958 246 121). The balance that you had on the Bond University cannot be refunded.

Can I get Bonobus Universitario if I live in the city of Granada?
If you live and are registered in the city of Granada, you have to apply for Bono Joven.

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