Granada City Buses - Fares, Tickets And Timetables

Granada's urban bus network is managed by the Transportes Rober bus company. On this web page you can find information on Granada's city buses, such as bus network maps, fares, timetables, and also buses to the Alhambra and Albaycin.

granada city buses and alhambra in background

Alhambra & Albaycin Buses

buses to alhambra The routes serving the Alhambra, Albaycin and Sacromonte, known as touristic routes, by Alhambra Bus minibuses, bus frequency and bus stops.

Maps of Granada Bus Network

granada buses map Individual bus routes and general map showing parkings, taxi stops, monuments, bus stops and other information on bus network.

Granada City Buses Fares

urban buses fares Information and bus fares for single bus journeys, multi-trip bus passes, youth pass, senior citizen pass, university pass and monthly pass.

City Bus Timetables

granada city buses timetable Bus route starting points and departure times, frequency, weekday and weekend timetables of Granada city buses, get timetables by sms.

Ticketing System of Granada City Buses

Granada’s city bus system is rather complicated. Here we will explain how it works.

You can purchase the bus ticket or buy/pop up your travel card by paying directly to the driver on any city bus but route number 4 has different ticketing system.

two types of red buses in granada
In the new Route 4 you can purchase the bus ticket or buy/pop up your travel card in two different ways: buying or recharging at the stop (in the vending machines before boarding the bus), or paying directly to the driver. This will depend on whether the stop has a vending machine or not.

Route 4 has 31 stops, 19 of these stops have vending machines (those are in the center) and the rest do not.

vending and validating machines bus stop

In these 19 stops that have a vending machine you MUST NOT get on the bus without first buying and validating your ticket or your travel card at the stop. In the rest of the stops of this and other routes, which do not have a vending machine, you MUST enter through the front door and recharge the cards or buy the tickets paying the driver.

How to validate your trip in the vending machine on one of the 19 stops on route 4? It is done by simply placing or passing the card or ticket (which has a bar code) on the screen of the small validating machines.

Pass your card through the screen of the vlidating machines only once (once for each traveler). If you swipe your card twice, you will be charged twice.

You can NOT buy a ticket or a bus pass at press kiosks.

Lost Property

If your lost property is found, you can collect it from the offices of Transportes Rober (Granada City Buses) located in the centre of Granada, in Acera del Darro 30, Los Montes Orientales House, n 22. Here you can also find free bus maps, and make suggestions or complaints about bus services. It is located in the centre of Granada, near Fuente de Batallas.

We Answer Your Questions

Are dogs allowed on Granada city buses?
No dogs, or any other animals, are allowed on buses except guide dogs, which are the responsibility of the owner.

Up to what age do children travel free on Granada city buses
Children up to 4 years of age travel free on Granada urban buses.

How long does it take from Paseo del Violon to the Bus Station?
It takes approximately 25 minutes by bus number 33 (depending on traffic).

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Opinions about Granada City Buses
Nearly impossible for the visitor to work out
We used the buses but it was trial and error. Unbelievably there are no printed bus maps and several different systems so it is nearly impossible for the brief visitor to work out which buses to get.

Also we tried asking for Bono ticket on the bus but never got given one.

Why cant they be available online or at Tourist Info Offices who incidentally are quite ignorant about the buses or any day trips out of the city
Granada urban bus service
Excellent buses along with city and urban bus service not forgetting the drivers and the people of Granada (Paul)
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