Granada City Bus Timetables, Departure Times and

Here you can find information on Granada bus timetables, first and last bus departures and bus frequencies.

You can send an SMS message to find out when the next Granada city bus arrives to a stop.

You will receive information on when the next bus will arrive and bus route timetables.

How to find out about a bus route (y) timetable at a bus stop (xxx)
timetables of city buses by sms On a bus stop, look for the number that identifies this particular stop (there are instructions for use on the bus stop itself).

Send an SMS message to the number: 215800 with the text: GRA (space) (bus stop number) (space) (route)

Example: GRA 174 5 ('174' - is bus stop number, this number appears on the marquee of the stop, and '5' is route number of the bus)

Timetables obtained are up to 6 hours ahead of real time.

How much does it cost to send SMS?
Each SMS message sent will cost 0.15 euros + VAT.

Note: If you do not receive the information requested, you can get your money back at Calle Joaquin Costa, 4 - Low open 08:00 h to 15:00 h, Monday to Friday.

During traffic disruption that causes significant changes to the bus routes, the SMS message service may not be reliable.

More information on bus timetables in Granada Buses Timetables

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