Prices for Granada Bus Tickets and Passes and How to Save on Bus Fares

An ordinary bus ticket costs 1.40 euros. If you buy a travel card the bus trip would cost you 0,87 euros (if top up is 5 €), 0,85 euros (if top up is 10 €) and 0,83 euros (if top up is 20 €).

granada travel card at the entrance to a bus

Regular Ticket
1,40 €
Travel Card (top up 5 €, 5 trips)
0,87 €
Travel Card (top up 10 €, 11 trips)
0,85 €
Travel Card (top up 20 €, 24 trips)
0,83 €
Monthly Travel Card 41 € (unlim. 30 days)
0,00 €
Night Bus
1,50 €
Feria Transport
2,00 €
Youth Pass *
0,61 €
University Pass *
0,61 €
Senior Travel Card *
0,00 €
Travel Card for Disabled *
0,57 €
Changing Bus (60 minutes)
0,00 €

If you are planning to travel more than 4 times it is worthy to buy a travel card. Otherwise it is better to buy 4 ordinary tickets because the money left on travel card are not given back.

Travel Card (Credibus)

granada travel card Trip cost, deposit, how to check balance, transfers, where to buy an electronic ticket that allows travel on Granada Buses at a lower price.

Granada Youth Pass

youth card granada Requirements, where to apply, bus fare and how to use Granada Youth Pass for young persons making hnjourneys on Urban Buses.

Granada University Pass

university card granada The pass allowing Granada university students to travel on all routes of the urban bus network. Requirements, maximum age and where to apply.

Senior Citizens Travel Card

seniour citizen card granada Using this card, senior citizens who live in Granada may travel for free on Granada's urban buses. Information on how and where to apply.

We Answer Your Questions

Will the balance be added to future recharge amounts?
Yes, the balance be added to future recharge amounts.

Is there some kind of special rate for disabled travellers?
There is no discount or special travel card for disabled travellers on Granada city buses.

Do children under 4 years travel free?
Yes, children up to 4 years of age travel on Granada city buses for free.

I have monthly travel card Can I pass it twice over the card reader if I go with someone else?
No. A monthly Travelcard, which has unlimited travel for 30 days, is for the use of the purchaser only.

Is there some kind of family travel card?
There isn't any family travel card or special pass for children between 4 and 11 years.

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