Museum of Arts and Traditions in Granada - Casa de los Tiros

In the sixteenth century the Plaza de los Tiros was an ancient fortress surrounded by Christian houses.

entrance to the casa de los tiros in granada

It later became state property and is currently is the Library. The facade opens into a beautiful tower topped with battlements, among which are muskets or shots (tiros) that gave its name to the house - Casa de los Tiros.

The most interesting of the original building is a room called Cuadra Dorada, which shows swords carved into the ceiling beams. These support decorated columns and the spaces between joists are placed the busts of Spanish kings and heroes with inscriptions that allude to their achievements.

Opening hours of Museum Casa de los Tiros

From Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 14:00, Tuesday from 09:00 to 20:30

Entrance Price

Admission to the Museum of Arts and Traditions of Granada is free for EU citizens. Other countries 1,50 euros.

Contact Details

Address: Casa de los Tiros, Calle Pavaneras 19, Granada
Phone: 958 221 072

How to Get to Casa de los Tiros

You can get to the Casa de los Tiros on bus C31, C32 or C34. More Information in Granada Buses.

location of museum casa de los tiros
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Casa de los Tiros en Granada
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