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Building y Galleries of Archaeological Museum of Granada The House of Castril, where is located the Archaeological Museum was built by the heirs of Hernando de Zafra (secretary of the Catholic Kings). Its facade was attributed to Sebastian de Alcantara in the year 1539.

view of alhambra from archaeological museum

The Archaeological Museum of Granada has two floors and a beautiful courtyard. There are seven galleries showing various archaeological periods.

The Paleolithic period gallery, where we can understand the economy and daily life of people in this period. The materials of the room trying to explain the evolution of man, lifestyle and use of stone tools.

archaeological museum rooms and exhibitions The second room displays the transition from a very basic economy to a food production economy. Room III - Bronze Age A.C. of the years 1900-1200 A.C. The fourth gallery presents the time of colonization and contains the exotic and luxurious objects with which Fenice aristocracy were buried.

The other rooms of the Archaeological Museum of Granada represent the Roman and Arabic culture: weapons, vases, urns, small bronz items and pottery.

Note: The museum is closed for renovations.

Opening Hours

Monday: closed, Tuesday: 14:30 to 20:30, Wednesday to Saturday: 9:00 to 20:30, Sunday: 9:00 to 14:30.

Price of Admission

EU Citizens free. Other countries: 1.50 euros.

Contact Details

Carrera del Darro 41, 18010 Granada. Tel. 958 225 603

Getting to the Archaeological Museum of Granada

You can reach the Archaeological Museum in bus C1 or C2. More Information in Granada Buses.

location of the Archaeological Museum

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