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The Alhambra is the jewel in the crown, the best- preserved & oldest Moorish palace, the most visited monument of Granada.

Granada Cathedral

The Cathedral is the first Renaissance church built in Spain and is one of the most important monuments of Granada.

Royal Chapel

The Royal Chapel is the burial place of the Catholic Monarchs and one of the most interesting monuments of Granada.

Banuelo - Arab Baths

Banuelo was built in the Eleventh Century and is one of the oldest and best preserved Arab public baths in Spain.

Corral del Carbon

Built by Yusuf I, the Corral del Carbon was the repository of merchants and is the oldest monument of Arab Granada.

Cartuja Monastery

The Monasery is famous for its sacristy - the fruit of Spanish Baroque, has great painting and sculptures of Granada's artists.

Santo Domingo Church

Santo Domingo Church has several architectural styles: Gothic, Late Baroque and Renaissance, some decorations are Roman.

La Madraza

The Madraza, located in the centre of Granada, was built by Yusuf I in 1349 and is the first Arab university in Granada.

Basilica Angustias

The Basilica of Angustias has a nave, chancel and eight sides and was built in 1617, has paintings by artists from Granada.

Cuarto Real Santo Domingo

Muslim kings used the Royal Quarters for dressing in the days of Ramadan and belonged to the Arab queens.

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