Granada Leisure, Entertainment, Culture and Going Out in Granada

On this page you can find the information about leisure in Granada. All you need to know what Granada offers: cultural information, museums, flamenco, music and entertainment.

Museums in Granada

granada museums The museums in Granada that have more charm, where you can discover a wealth of artefacts, places where you can learn the culture of Granada.

Granada Festivals

granada festivals Information on significant dates, big events, celebrations, cultural and religious festivals, national festivities in Granada and the region.

Flamenco in Granada

flamenco shows in granada The best caves, zambras and tablaos in Granada were you can appreciate the art of flamenco, restaurants in Granada that offer flmenco shows.

Arab Baths in Granada

arab baths in granada Authentic Arab baths that offer the Arabic tradition of relaxation through water, treatments, relaxing and traditional massage, aromaterapia.

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