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Holy Week in Granada 2016 – Easter Processions and Itinerary

Holy Week in Granada is very unique when compared with how other Andalusian cities celebrate it. It is renowned for the simplicity and beauty of its "pasos" (floats of thrones with religious icons), and also for the unique surroundings of the processions.

map of processions in during holy week

Indeed, the streets of the Albaicín, for example, so narrow and twisted with their typical cobblestones, give a special setting to the procession of the Virgen de la Aurora and the Concepción.

penitentes brotherhood members in holy week
Unforgettable images await the visitor, like those of the procession of "el Silencio" and "el Cristo de los Gitanos" returning to their home churches after midnight by the Carrera del Darro. And not forgetting the beautiful backdrop, with the Alhambra often to be admired atop its moonlit hill.

As Easter dates change every year, the chances of seeing the processions in moonlight vary (weather is also a factor!).

Easter usually coincides with the first full moon around the spring equinox, although the exact dates are determined by the Vatican. In Spain, the festivities take place in the last week of Lent.

In 2016, Easter in Granada is celebrated from 20 to 27 of March.

Palm Sunday - 20 of March 2016

popular processions in granada on palm sunday
The popular procession "Borriquilla" opens Holy Week in Granada. On Palm Sunday four more brotherhoods stage a Procession of Penance before the doors of the Cathedral.
popular processions in granada on palm sunday

Holy Monday in Granada - 21 of March 2016

brotherhood during on holy monday
Neighborhoods live Holy Week with great devotion. During Holy Monday the youngest brotherhood of Zaidin and other four processions walk along the streets of Granada.
brotherhood during on holy monday

Holy Tuesday Granada - 22 of March 2016

holy tuesday processions in granada
Plaza Nueva dresses up for the occasion, the church of San Gil y Santa Ana open its door for the procession of Gran Poder and Esperanza.
holy tuesday processions in granada

Holy Wednesday in Granada - 23 of March 2016

things to see in realejo and the sacromonte on holy wednesday
Wednesday is big in the Realejo and the Sacromonte, the Christ of the Gypsies and the University community join Holy Week processions.
things to see in realejo and the sacromonte on holy wednesday

Maundy Thursday in Granada - 24 of March 2016

the best place to see processions of maundy thursday
The narrow and steep streets of the Albaicin are full of people looking for the best place to see the star, the Estrella, the Aurora and the Concha.
the best place to see processions of maundy thursday

Good Friday in Granada - 25 of March 2016

what to see during good friday
The Campo del Principe in Realejo is undoubtedly the heart of Granada on Friday. Prayer to the Señor de los Favores at three o'clock in the afternoon silences the city.
what to see during good friday

Holy Saturday in Granada - 26 of March 2016

churches and processions of holy saturday in granada
On Holy Saturday Granada dedicates its streets to the beautiful Señora of the Alhambra, the only procession on Saturday that descendes from the forested slopes of the Alhambra.
what to do in sierra nevada

Easter Sunday in Granada - 27 of March 2016

processions of easter sunday in granada
On the Domingo of Resurrecion joy invades Granada, the city celebrates resurrection of Jesus. It is a special day for children, the Facundillos mark the end of Holy Week.
what to do in sierra nevada

During Holy Week in Granada, thirty-two processions take place on the streets of the city leading to the Cathedral, where they all make the Station of Penitence before they make their way back to their home churches.

They all follow the official itinerary, which starts at the Tribuna Oficial in Calle Ängel Ganivet (near the Puerta Real), where local authorities receive every cofradía (fraternity or brotherhood) one by one.

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Opinions about Ester in Granada
Seating for the Holy Week parades
We stayed at the hotel Melia, Angel Ganivet 7, Granada during 7-11 April. outside the hotel workmen were assembling seating ready for the Holy Week parades. Almost every night we were unable to sleep because of the noise of drilling, banging and clashing. This went on into the early hours of the morning and really spoilt our holiday.

We realise work needs to be carried out when the city is not so busy but could noisy work not be stopped at midnight? Apart from that we really enjoyed exploring Granada-it is a truly wonderful city.
Amazing Weekend City Break
Just got back to UK on Tuesday morning after fantastic long weekend in Granada (11-14 April). Stayed in Calle Navas, great tapas bars in street. Loved the City and exploring all the narrow alleyways especially in Albayzin district, walked till we virtually dropped. La Alhambra so beautiful and calm and Easter processions were simply amazing, finished our last night at a Flamenco show. Simply the most wonderful city break, would love to go back and stay all of holy week.

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