The Extraordinary Architecture and Features of the Alpujarras Rural Houses

The picturesque buildings of the Alpujarras are one of the most typical features of the Alpujarras landscape. The houses are of a cubic shape with a flat roof, typical of an area of low rainfall, and round chimneys.

architecture of the alpujarras

The cover is made of fauna, magnesium clay that is impermeable to rain and has a roof of stone. These terrae which now often function as driers have a kind of hood, almost a cylindrical fireplace, topped by a small slab.

white chimneys and houses of the alpujarra In many cases there are steps that bridge the gap between a house and the roof of another, so the street is covered.

Alpujarra houses usually have two floors and are usually whitewashed. In upstairs are the rooms and kitchen on the bottom, areas for livestock and farm tools.

Selection of Cottages in the Alpujarras, in mountainous areas, in villages Lanjaron, Capileira, Orgiva, Pitres and Bubion, in the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada ...

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